Keyboard sounds When we start the phone for the first time, we can immediately notice that, by default, practically all devices provide audible feedback when pressing a letter on the virtual keyboard. This feedback does not appeal to many users, who immediately look for a way to mute the keyboard sound, since it is easy to get nervous or get overwhelmed by exaggerated frustration every time a letter is pressed.
If we belong to the category of people who hate the sounds made by the keyboard while typing and immediately look for a way to get rid of them, in this guide we will show you how to mute keyboard sound on android and iphone, so you can press the keys quickly without having to listen to the annoying sound emitted by the phone.

How to remove the keyboard sound

Removing the sound while typing the keyboard is very simple, regardless of the operating system used: we will show you the procedures for Android devices and for iPhones / iPads.
Some apps provide sound feedback even when we send a message or receive one (for example WhatsApp and Telegram): if these sounds also bother you, we will show you how to deactivate them quickly without having to access the general settings of the device.

Remove keyboard sound on Android

On the default keyboard of Android devices (i.e. Gboard) we can disable the typing sounds by opening the app Settingsby pressing on the menu Language and input, then on Manage keyboards and finally pressing on Settings immediately under the heading Gboard. Once this screen is open, press on Preferences then we turn off the switch next to the item Key sound.
Android keys

On Android, however, we can also find third-party keyboards, downloadable from the App Store or provided by the phone manufacturer (for example Samsung or Huawei); in these cases it will be enough to take the path Settings -> Language and input -> Manage keyboards seen a little while ago, press on the item Settings immediately under the name of the keyboard and look for the item that allows you to turn off the sounds emitted by it.

Alternatively, we can disable the keyboard sounds also from the general settings of Android, without having to access the specific settings for each keyboard; in this case just open the app Settings, take us to the menu Sounds or Sounds and vibration and disable the switch next to the item Keypad tones, Keyboard sounds or similar. On Xiaomi devices for example this switch can be found in the path Settings -> Sounds and Vibration -> Additional Settings.
Keyboard sounds

If we don't know which alternative keyboard to use on our Android smartphone or tablet, we can read our guide Best keyboards for Android, to change the way you type.

Remove keyboard sound on iPhone or iPad

If we have an iPhone or iPad and do not like sound feedback when we type quickly on the keyboard, we can remove it by opening the app Settings,
by pressing on the menu Sounds and haptic feedback and pressing on the switch next to the item Keyboard click.
IPhone keyboard

From now on we will be able to type on the keyboard without any sound emitted by the individual keys pressed. Even on the iPhone it has been possible for some time to install third-party keyboards: if these keyboards also produce unpleasant sounds when typing, we can remove them by opening the app Settings, scrolling to find the name of the installed keyboard and turning off the sounds.
To install new keyboards on iPhone or iPad, please read our article Best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad.

Remove sounds made by messaging apps

In addition to the sounds made by the phone keypad, we can also find the sounds emitted by messaging apps extremely annoying, especially if we send or receive a lot of messages in a short time. To remedy it, simply go to the settings of the individual apps and act on the voices dedicated to sounds.

If we use WhatsApp just open the menu Settings, press on the menu Notifications and disable the voices Tone conversations.
WhatsApp chat

In the case of Notification tone we will have to set all the items on silent; in fact, let's remember that this parameter is available for single chats and groups and we can very well act on both or keep the sounds only one of them.

If instead we use Telegram we can manage all the sounds emitted by the app by opening the menu Settings, pressing on Notifications and sounds and taking us to the section In-app notifications.
Telegram chat

In this case we will have to turn off the switches next to the items In-app sounds is Sounds in-chat.

If we use Facebook Messenger we can change the sounds emitted within the chats by pressing the top left on the profile image, pressing the menu Notifications and sounds and turning off the voice Sounds in the app.
You play Messenger

By combining these changes with those applied to the integrated keyboards or downloaded on our phone we will be able to use the device without going crazy among the thousands of sounds emitted every time we send a message or receive one.


Even from such a trivial modification as the sounds emitted by the telephone keypad we can learn new things, so that we are always ready when we meet a friend or relative who clearly asks us for help on the sounds continuously emitted by the keypad; if we ourselves are the ones "disturbed" by the continuous sounds, let everyone read this guide!

If in addition to the sounds we want to learn how to silence the notifications of the messaging apps (for example those of groups or some annoying characters), we invite you to read our articles Mute Whatsapp and disable notifications on Android and iPhone, How to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications and finally the guide on Telegram: Tricks, secrets and hidden options of the most complete messaging app.


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