How to mute the Mi Band at night

Mute Mi BandThe Mi Band produced by Xiaomi is one of the most popular gadgets among IT enthusiasts, given the functions it is able to offer at an affordable price. Among the most sought-after functions on the Mi Band stands the possibility of receiving notifications from apps on the phone: if we receive a message from WhatsApp, Telegram or from social apps we can know it by vibrating the Mi Band and receiving the specific notification on the display, with lots of text on the content of the notification itself.This feature is very useful during the day, but can disturb you at night, especially if we have friends or relatives who write even at night or if we have enabled a group or a very large super group (where they write at all hours!).

In the guide that follows we will show you the methods to silence the Mi Band at night, taking advantage of the functions integrated into the Xiaomi Mi Band itself or using the options available on the Mi Fit app or compatible third-party apps.

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Do not disturb function of the Mi Band

The Mi Band 6 itself has the functionality Do not disturb, which can be activated automatically or by setting a start time and an end time. To activate this mode, we swipe down on the smartband screen, press the menu Settings and finally we press on Do not disturb.

In the screen that opens we set to Activate automatically, so as to silence the smartband every time it perceives that we have fallen asleep (through the pulse sensors and oxygen sensors); as soon as we wake up the do not disturb mode will be deactivated and we will get the notifications again.

If, on the other hand, we wanted to set a start time and an end time, press on the item Customize, so as to be able to set the hours that make us more comfortable not to receive notifications (for example from 10 pm to 8 am).

Do not disturb on Mi Fit app

On the Mi Fit app we can also activate the night mode, which works in a very similar way to the do not disturb mode, decreasing the brightness and preventing the light of the Mi Band from waking us from sleep.

To activate this mode we open the Mi Fit app on our phone, press at the bottom of the menu Profile, we press on the Mi Band at the top (in the section My devices), click on Bracelet settings and finally let’s go to the menu Night mode.

In the screen that opens, press again on Night mode, we choose the voice Plan the activation time and we indicate a start time and an end time. To make this mode really complete we also open the menu Lift your wrist to view information in the previous menu, we press on again on Lift your wrist to view information, we choose the voice Scheduled and we set a start and end time identical to the one set in the previous mode.

By doing so, the Mi Band will not activate by mistake during the night (we will have to touch it with the finger to turn on the screen) and it will not show notifications until the set time.

Do not disturb on the Notify app

If we use a third-party app like Notify for Mi Band to get more features on the Mi Band, we can set a different sleep mode for the weekdays of the week (Monday to Friday) and another night mode for holidays (Saturday and Sunday), so you can turn off notifications at different times.

To take advantage of these functions, open the Notify app on our phone, press the top right of the menu Notifications (in the shape of an envelope), we press on the menu App, press the gear-shaped button at the top right and, in the new screen, activate the voice Night mode. Now just enter the start time and the end time of the mode on weekdays of the week (for example 22 and 8).

To take advantage of a different time slot on Saturday and Sunday we activate below Weekend night mode, we set a start and end time and choose whether to include Friday night in the count of holidays (if we do not work on Saturday it is better to activate it, so that we can stay awake longer and receive more notifications).

Always on the menu of App settings we can also silence the notifications when we set the phone to Silent mode: to do this we have to do is activate the voice Ignore if in silent mode or, for those who often use vibration, Ignore if in Vibration mode.

Do not disturb mode for work

With the Notify for Mi Band app we can take advantage of the night mode also to silence the Mi Band during working hours, so as not to receive annoying notifications.

To take advantage of this mode, open the Notify app on the phone, let’s take the path again Notifications -> Apps -> Settings and we use voices Night mode e Additional silent time to set the two classic work shifts, ie from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18. The app will warn that the times entered are incorrect, but will allow you to continue without problems.

By doing so, we will not receive any notification on the Mi Band during work shifts, however leaving the possibility, during the day, to receive notifications during the lunch break (from 13 to 14) and at the end of the shift (after 18). Obviously we can customize the working hours according to our needs.

If we want to keep this working mode and not be disturbed during the night, we invite you to take advantage of the do not disturb mode included in the Mi Band, which can always be activated, since the Notify app will take care of silencing notifications on the phone side.


The functions of the Mi Band are so many that many users do not take advantage of them all, limiting themselves to activating the app notifications and activating the sensors for the body when we do physical activity. With the advice seen above we can make the Mi Band less annoying to wear, by silencing notifications during the night or during working hours.

Among the interesting functions of the Mi Band we should not underestimate it automatic unlock based on proximity, without forgetting the other apps compatible with Mi Band designed to add new functions.

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