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Own one certified e-mail box (PEC) allows us to communicate via email with the public administration and send important documents with the certification of sending and receiving, like a fax or a registered letter made to the post office (therefore it has legal value).
The sender of the e-mail message obtains a receipt which testifies, in legal terms, the mail has been sent and when the recipient reads the message, he also obtains the delivery receipt performed.
Nobody can receive a PEC and pretend not to have received it: the PEC system itself keeps track of every email sent, so it is not possible to be smart. Even if the sender loses these receipts, they can be recovered by the computer system that keeps them for 30 months.
But is the certified e-mail box free? How much? In this guide, we will show you the services that offer a trial period with their PEC and how to use them all together to take advantage of a free period where we can use the PECs without problems (maybe we have to send only one document so we don’t always need a PEC service. active).

How to activate PEC

A completely free PEC service does not exist, so it is better to try a little to have a free PEC for a certain period of time; alternatively, we can also choose an economic PEC service in which no annual subscription is paid but a single PEC mailbox is purchased, always ready for use.

Regular email or PEC?

The PEC is not recommended to use it for personal reasons such as, for example, Gmail or Outlook, it is advisable to use it only for sending communications, documents, and registered letters to the public administration or to professional activities without having to go to the post office to send a registered letter or to a stationery shop with an active fax service.
PEC mail

So while on the one hand, we will have our dear classic email with which to send anything that does not require legal certification of the sending of the content, for the documents that we have to deliver to the municipality, the region, or any other state body (but also if we have to send papers to a lawyer, a notary, an engineer or architect, etc) we can use the PEC, so you know that the document has been correctly sent and read.
If you are looking for the PEC address of a public administration, you can find on this page all the public and administrative offices with which it is possible to communicate via PEC.

PEC services with a free trial period

In this part of the guide, we will show you the best one’s sites in which to register a PEC certified e-mail box.
As explained in the introduction we can start by using a PEC service that offers at least one free trial period, so as to be able to use it only when necessary, even using all the services (as soon as the promotional period of service expires, we can move on to the next and so on).
For this guide, we will choose only the most accredited, simple, and easy to configure services, so you can immediately use the PEC e-mail box to send important documents to the public administration or any other activity that requires the sending of documents with the certification of the sending and receiving.

One of the PECs with a free trial period that we can try is the one offered by the service.
It offers a PEC with 2 GB of personal space with 6 months of the free trial, really a lot of time to use for free if we have to send and receive certified documents via PEC.
At the end of the trial period, only in case of non-renewal of the service, we will have to pay the service setup costs of € 9.90.
The renewal cost instead is € 33.90 + Tax for one year for the basic plan (PEC Agile).


Another very convenient PEC that we can subscribe to is Legalmail, which offers all users 6 months of free trial without obligation.

We will then be able to send and receive emails in PEC format without any problem for the promotional period, then decide whether to continue or leave it alone. At the end of the promotional period, the PEC will cost 25 € plus VAT per year for the basic plan with 5 GB of space in the box plus many other additional services that will make our PEC at the forefront.

PEC services with reduced costs

In this chapter, we have collected PEC services they don’t offer a free trial period but we can buy now at a very low cost, so as to have a long-lasting PEC account by spending little.

Trust Technologies by TIM

Another PEC manager that we can evaluate is TIM, which offers a fast PEC service through the Trust Technologies company.

At a cost of only € 4.50 per year, we will thus have access to a 1 GB PEC mailbox with automatic backup, real-time notifications, compatibility with the most famous email clients, advanced encryption, and always-on assistance service.
It is currently the cheapest PEC, so it is worth taking advantage of it if we intend to buy a very cheap service.


The Italian Post Office also offers a PEC service reserved for users interested in a certified e-mail box.
Postecert site

The service calls Postecert and it is possible to subscribe for it starting from € 5.50 per year plus VAT, but the basic service is really very limited with a mailbox of only 100MB and only 200 mailings per day (the competition certainly offers a lot of more at similar prices). By adding paid options it is possible to bring the mailbox to 1 GB and it is possible to choose the duration period (1, 2, or 3 years).
There is certainly better around, but if we want to use all the services of the Post Office, it is better to subscribe to everything to a single operator.

Aruba PEC

Among the most used providers at the moment to open a new PEC mailbox there is certainly Aruba, which offers the basic PEC at a very competitive cost.
Aruba PEC

In fact, with it, we can obtain a PEC at a cost of € 5 per year + VAT, which becomes € 7.90 + VAT/year for subsequent renewals.
If we have to open a PEC and we have to use it for a long time, paying only € 5 per year is definitely an excellent compromise, even if the limitations are evident (only 1 GB of space offered and little else).


Another very convenient service to activate a PEC e-mail box is offered by Kolst, a very reliable provider that provides its PEC with many additional services.

Even if the mailbox has only 1 GB of space, however, we will have an email alert service included, the possibility of receiving normal emails together with the PEC, antivirus, and Webmail included, all at a cost of € 5 per year plus VAT.

PEC mail

If we are looking for an inexpensive PEC provider that is quick to configure for all the messages we send and receive, one of the best is definitely Libero’s PEC Mail.
PEC mail

At a cost of € 14.99 per year, we will have a PEC mailbox with 1 GB of space included, unlimited sending and great security, and quality of service so that we can comfortably send all our PECs without having to fear problems in sending and receiving.

Namirial PEC

The best solution for those who want to buy a safe and quickly accessible product via SPID is Namirial PEC.
Namirial PEC

With it we will be able to have a secure and ready-to-use PEC account by paying only € 15 plus VAT. Once the purchase has been made, we will therefore have a 1 GB PEC mailbox always ready for use, even to be able to send only 2-3 PECs per year or for those who send many and want to try a fast and practical PEC service.


The PEC is increasingly required by public administrations, local authorities but also by companies and multinationals to send certified documents, without having to go to the post office each time and fill in the registered letter with return receipt (a great waste of time). We can both take advantage of free PEC services (for a certain period of time) and buy a cheap PEC service, so as to pay around € 6 per year to maintain this important service.

If we don’t know how to read PECs from smartphones, we invite you to read our guide App for accessing PEC certified mail from iPhone and Android.
If, on the other hand, we need a SPID to ask questions for online bonuses, it is advisable to combine the PEC with one of the services seen on How to activate SPID: The complete guide.


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