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The vast majority of books in digital format available outside of Amazon (which we remember uses a proprietary format) are provided in ePub format, easily managed by a traditional e-book reader but also by some apps for smartphones and tablets (the latter particularly suitable for reading).
But if we often download and purchase ePub from our home or office computer, it can be a good habit to check that the e-book we just got is the correct one, perhaps starting to read some introductory pages to see if it matches or not.
Just to meet the needs of fans of digital books, in this guide, we will show you what programs can we use to open ePub files on Windows 10 so that you can start reading it or viewing its contents before transferring it to your smartphone, tablet or a dedicated e-book reader.READ ALSO: Programs to read eBooks on PC, PDF, and texts as real books

Programs for ePub on Windows 10

As mentioned in the introduction, the files in the ePub format are the most popular outside the Amazon store: if we download a book from the Web or buy it in one of the many online stores you can choose, in most cases, just the format ePub. This type of file is not natively supported by Windows 10, so we will have to download a free program to manage it and to read it.


The best program we can download to open ePub files on Windows 10 is Caliber.

By downloading this program (also available in Italian) we will have a complete e-book manager, with a subdivision of all the digital books in our possession by categories, genres, authors, editors and by tag, a convenient e-book reader compatible with any format and an advanced conversion system, which will allow us to switch from ePub to other formats for electronic books (and vice versa) also based on the type of e-book reader we have.
For example, if we have a collection of ePubs to be transferred to an Amazon Kindle (not compatible with ePub), Caliber will automatically convert all the books, just start the transfer procedure to the reading device. Conversely, we can use Caliber to convert Amazon’s proprietary books or e-books available in other formats directly into ePub, so as to make them compatible with any reading device.


If we are looking for something simpler and more immediate to read ePub files on Windows 10, we can download FBReader.

This program with a simple interface allows you to open all the electronic books supplied in format ePub, fb2, chm, rtf and many others. Once downloaded, simply assign it to all ePub files and use it to scroll through the pages on our computer, offering a few simple buttons at the top of the interface to add a new ePub to read, to scroll to a specific page or open an online link. which contains a source from the ePub source.
If the features of Caliber seem excessive and we are looking for something that immediately opens all ePubs or other e-books, FBReader is most likely the best choice on Windows 10.


If we are looking for another simple and immediate program to open ePub files on Windows 10, we can download Freda directly from the Microsoft Store, without opening other sites and without downloading installers and executables.

This program, in Modern UI style as a good part of the apps available in the Microsoft Store, has a modern graphical interface with which you can manage all the electronic books that we have. By adding the individual e-books or the folders they contain, the program will show the covers or the first page of each book and, with a simple click of the mouse, it will allow you to read and also affix automatic bookmarks for the points where we have stopped reading.
This sort of “virtual library” is compatible with the formats ePub, FB2, HTML, and TXT and presents all the tools to be able to quickly switch from one page to another, set the full screen (to facilitate writing) and filter the added content. by author, publisher, genre, and format.
If we are looking for a program that is the right compromise between Caliber (complete but difficult to use, at least at the beginning) and FBReader (very simple and fast but lacking in functions) Freda can be without a doubt the ideal program to read any ebook downloaded to our computer.


Using one of the free programs mentioned above we will be able to open ePub files on Windows 10 in a simple and easy way, even if we are not great IT experts: we will only have to choose what type of functions we want from our e-book reader on the computer and how we want to manage the ePubs that we download from the Web. By its very nature, we will hardly use the computer to read the entire electronic book, but it is worth having a reader always at hand to check if the downloaded or purchased book is the one you are looking for or it is a rip-off or a simple excerpt.
We remind you that the ePub format that we can open without limits is the one that has no DRM limitations (copyright restrictions): many of the books that can be purchased online come with DRM or with strange formats that cannot be read without a specific program. If we have come across this scenario, we will probably have to download the Adobe Digital Editions program in order to open the DRP protected ePubs or files Adobe ACSM.

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