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How to pair Netfilx with another device

One of the great advantages of Netflix and of the streaming platforms it is theirs availability. Users can watch their contents favorites practically everywhereusing very different devices.

You can watch Netflix from tablet, smartphone and computer. Just as you can watch Netflix from smart TV or traditional TV. As a result, it is possible to use the service in the most varied locations and conditions.

To watch Netflix in the hotel, on the plane or on the train you simply have to learn the different ones association procedures of the devices. The process is relatively simple, but the steps may vary depending on the reference hardware.

  • 1. Getting started with Netflix and connected devices

    When it comes to Netflix e di associated devices there is a starting point to start from: there is no technical limit of the devices which can be associated with a Netflix account.

    The different ones plans per subscribe to Netflix they pose different limitations: for example the one relating to number of screens that can be used at the same time.

    Another limitation to take into consideration is that of territory where you are physically located. Netflix is ​​in fact available in more than 190 countries around the world, but there are still places where it is not available. Especially because of restrictions on Internet use.

    Finally, it is certainly useful to underline the technical features that make a device more or less compatible. In case you want to use Netflix from computera lot depends on browser in uso.

    Netflix is ​​perfectly compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox and many other international browsers. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that it works correctly with all programs designed for navigation on the Web.

    Alternatively it is always possible download the Netflix application dedicated on computer. But the latter is historically only available for Windows operating system.

    We must take into account operating system also in use to use Netflix from tablet the da smartphone. In this case the app can be downloaded on the proprietary stores Android, iOS and iPadOS.

    Things get just as complicated as you want watch Netflix directly from your own smart TV. In this case you need to check the information relating to single device.

    Absolutely Netflix is ​​available for dozens of different brands and models. The comprehensive compatibility lists they can be easily located on the web. But in general, a sufficiently recent smart TV should have no problems installing the platform’s official app.

  • 2. How to access Netflix from smart TV

    The procedure for accessing Netflix directly from a smart TV is certainly the one that requires the most steps. The first thing to do is search for the platform’s official app in the relevant store. Or alternatively press directly on the button on the remote control or the box on the screen specifically dedicated to Netflix.

    From here you need to select the option called Login. If you don’t have a subscription it is recommended sign up for Netflix from a computer or smartphone, and then move on to connecting the smart TV.

    To associate the platform with the smart TV you must enter the username and password of your Netflix account. You can do this via text input, using the remote control. But also by scanning a QR code through a tablet or smartphone.

    If the user has not yet logged in to the Netflix app on a smartphone or tablet, another procedure can be followed. In this case a screen will appear asking you to confirm the code that is displayed on the smart TV on an external device.

    Once this code has been entered, the user will still have to complete access by entering certain personal information: his email address, his password and a reference telephone number.

  • 3. How to access Netflix from tablets, smartphones and computers

    The procedure for accedere a Netflix da tablet e smartphone it’s roughly the same. The first step is to download the app directly from official store of reference of your own operating system: for example App Store Apple, rather that Play Store Android.

    Then you need to tap on button named Login and enter your credentials. At this stage theentering a telephone number. Once this first phase has been passed, all that remains is to select the account with which you want to log in to start browsing catalogo Netflix.

    The procedure for access Netflix from your computer or MacBook it is very similar to that concerning mobile devices. All the user has to do is open the appo visit the official Netflix website through your browser. From here you need to click again button named Login and enter the required data.

  • 4. How to connect other devices to Netflix

    Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and computers are not the only devices that can be connected to Netflix. Exist many other physical products that allow you to access your own profilo Netflix and to use the platform’s catalogue.

    Think in this sense of products such as Google Chromecast o Amazon Fire TV Stick: devices that use the Internet connection to transmit information to non-smart monitors and televisions.

    In this case the procedure for connecting the Netflix account remains linked to the transmitting device. The user logs in for example da tablet, smartphone o computerand then broadcast the vision on TV.

    Netflix can also be installed on certain devices decoderare Apple TVon certain Blu Ray players and on different ones console new or brand new generation: from PS4 to PS5, via Xbox.

    In this case the association procedure of the device is similar to that of smart TVs described in the previous paragraphs. The user must enter their own credentials and may have to type a code on an external device.

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