How to pass photos from phone to computer

Quick ways to transfer files from your PC via website and manage all files, which works for both iPhone and Android

Steps photo phone PC If until now we had always used the telephone cable for pass photos to PCwe can break this uncomfortable habit and instead rely on the wireless transfer systems included on modern phones or, alternatively, use convenient apps to transfer photos (but also documents) from the smartphone to the PC without using a cable.

Therefore, just a few taps on the screen are enough to transfer photos from your smartphone to your computer without using a cable, via a direct WiFi connection.

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1) Nearby Sharing (Android and PC)

The best method to transfer photos from Android to PC involves using Nearby sharing (also called Quick Share in the new version), integrated as a function within Android and easily can be integrated into the PC by downloading a simple application.

After downloading the app on your computer, open it and set it to Receive from your devicesbut only after logging in to it using the same Google account used on the phone.

Now let’s open the app Galleria o Photo from the Android phone, select one or more photos from the gallery by holding down your finger (until they are selected), press the button Share and we press on the item Nearby sharing (o Quick Share).

In the screen that opens, press on the name assigned to the PC; since we are using the same Google account everywhere there will be no need to confirm anything, immediately finding the photos saved in the folder Download di Windows.

2) AirDrop (iPhone e Mac)

If instead we use an iPhone and a Mac we can transfer photos between the two devices using the function AirDroppresent on all versions of iOS and macOS.

From Mac we open the app Finderwe press on AirDropwe select the item Allow you to find me at and we choose Contacts only. With the voice Contacts only we will be able to receive files from our Apple devices (with the same Apple account) and from contacts in the address book (which is not necessary for the purposes of the guide but still useful).

With this voice active let’s go to our iPhone and open the app Photoselect one or more photos (holding down on them with your finger) and tap on the icon Share bottom left. In the sharing screen we press on the icon AirDrop and finally select the name of the Apple device to which to send the selected photo or photos.

3) Google Photo

With the app Nearby sharing installed on PC we can also use the app Google Photo to transfer photographs to your computer, using the app on both Android and iPhone.

First let’s install the app on Android come on iPhoneopen it and log in using the same Google account associated with the Quick Share app on your computer.

With the associated account on the app we select one or more photos from the gallery, press the button Share and we press on Nearby sharing o Quick Share to start sharing the photo or photos on your computer; the photos will all be saved in the folder Download.

4) Files by Google

Always using Nearby sharing o Quick Share already installed on the PC we can pass the photos to the computer using the app Files by Google.

From the phone we open the app Fileswe use the same Google account associated with the PC, press on Imagesselect the photos we want to transfer to the computer, press the button at the top Share and we press on Nearby sharing o Quick Sharetaking care to select the name of the PC in the list.

5) PairDrop

If we are looking for a quick and easy way to Share photos from your phone to your PC without using any apps or cables Let’s open a web browser on your PC and phone and open the site PairDrop.

With the site open on both browsers, let’s go to the browser we have open on the phone, press on the name randomly assigned to the PC in use at that moment, select the default file manager or press on Media selectorlet’s press up Images and scroll until we find the photo or photos to save to the computer.

After confirming the photo or photos, go to the PC and accept the transfer to the PC by pressing on Download. All photos will be transferred to the folder Download of the PC.


Nowadays it’s really very simple pass photos from your phone to your computer without using cables and above all without using difficult procedures. Methods based on Quick Share (or Nearby Sharing) do not require the devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, while if you use PairDrop it is essential that the devices are connected to the same wireless network to be able to see each other and transfer photos.

To learn more we can read the guides above how to send files from Android smartphones and iPhones come on how to transfer files from one PC to another.

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