How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 11 and 10

Is our PC not working properly or too slow? Let’s find out together how to do an essential clean boot on Windows

Clean boot Windows

If Windows suddenly slows down, presents unexpected error screens or we notice that it freezes at best it may be a good idea to try restarting it with a clean booti.e. reduced and essential, without loading superfluous programs or applications e minimizing Windows services and processes.

Per perform clean boot in Windows 11 and in Windows 10there is a simple procedure if the PC is working and a less intuitive one to use when the computer no longer starts or is blocked at startup.

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1) Clean boot on Windows 11

To perform a clean boot of Windows from a system that starts showing at least the desktop simply press WIN+R on the keyboard, type msconfig and take us to the menu Services. From this screen we can see the voice Hide all Microsoft services and press on the bottom right Disable everything.

Press OK to confirm. Then we press WIN+I to open the Windows settings, let’s go to the path Apps -> Start and we turn off all the active switches next to the individual active applications and processes in memory.

Now all we have to do is restart the computer, so as to get a clean boot of windows 11 and find out if one of the disabled processes or services was responsible for the freeze or problems we had encountered on the PC.

2) Clean boot on Windows 10

On Windows 10 the procedure for obtaining a clean boot is very similar to that seen for Windows 11.

To proceed we open the Start menu, type msconfig and open the corresponding app. From the app let’s go back to the tab Servicesplace a check mark on the item Hide all Microsoft services and press on the bottom right Disable everything.

To disable auto-start programs and processes, right-click on the taskbar and click on Activity managementlet’s get into the tab Startwe select all the items present one by one and press the button Disable.

Also in this case, simply restart to immediately access the clean boot of Windows 10.

3) Clean boot on stuck PC

If our PC doesn’t start or hangs at the startup screen we can activate theclean boot to test the stability of the operating system and regain at least access to personal files.

To proceed, we forcefully restart Windows 11 or Windows 10 3 times to access the recovery consolewe press on Advanced optionswe click on Startup settingswe press on Restartwait for the system to restart, press on 5 about are F5 and, once we enter temporary mode, we carry out one of the procedures seen in the previous chapters to force the system to start in clean boot.


With the clean boot we will have a Windows reduced to a minimum, functioning only with the essential components to manage graphics and basic systems. In this mode we can immediately run tests for understand the programs that slow down startup, understand why a program closes and ends with an error an identification i reasons for Windows and PC crashes.

After carrying out all our tests and identifying the person responsible for Windows freezing or slowing down it is always better to go back to normal modesince only with it will we make the most of Windows performance.

To restore normal startup, press WIN+Rlet’s dig msconfig and in the card Generallet’s get the voice out Normal startuppress OK and restart the system again.

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