Do we want to print the messages we exchanged with a relative or friend? Let’s find out the procedure to follow on Android and iPhone

Print WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app allows you to easily print the entire conversation you have had with a friend, colleague or relative or with any other person in the chat, using the printer already configured for printing and present on the same Wi-Fi network as our phone .

So they can print WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhoneusing the recommended and effective procedures to obtain a good layout.

We suggest that you set up your printer for phone access in advance, as seen in our guides on how to print from android come on how to print from iPhone.

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1) Print WhatsApp messages from Android

From Android we can start printing any chat by opening the WhatsApp app, taking us to the chat to be printed, pressing the three dots at the top right, pressing the menu Otherselecting the item Export chats and choosing whether to include the multimedia files in our exported file (it is always better to export without media, to avoid a file that is too large).

After making your choice, the Android sharing menu will open: we suggest you do save the file to Google Drivebut we can also send it via Bluetooth, save it on Telegram, add it to a Gmail or Outlook email or save it as a file in the phone’s internal memory.

If we want to save the file in the internal memory of the device it is better to use a valid file manager such as Solid Explorerusing as folder Documents.

We will have thus created a file in plain text format (TXT) containing our entire conversation; to make it suitable for printing we press on the TXT file created by the export process, select Documents in the list of apps to open Google Docswe press on Load to upload it online and, in the window that appears, press on the three dots at the top right and activate the switch Print layout.

We are finally ready to print: now all we have to do is press the three dots at the top right again, select Share and exportpress the button Press and select the printer available on our Android system.

2) Print WhatsApp messages from iPhone

To print WhatsApp messages from iPhone we open the app, go to the menu Chatwe press on the chat to print, we press on the name of the chat at the top, we press on the item Export chatsthus starting the creation of the ZIP file with the contents of the chat (also in this case we can choose whether to add the multimedia contents or not).

At the end of the process the screen will open Share of iPhone: press on Save to File and then on Salva to save the compressed archive in the folder iCloud Drive (but we can choose any other folder on the phone).

Now all we have to do is open the app Filetake us to the path where we saved the compressed file, press on the ZIP file once (to perform quick extraction) and press on the file chat which will appear in the folder.

In the preview of the saved chat, press the button at the bottom left Sharelet’s press on the voice Press and select the printer and printing options to use.


If in the future they ask us to print WhatsApp chats (to provide evidence of a chat, to save compromising content or to provide information on a contact) we will be able to do it on any phone, be it an Android or an iPhone.

The procedure itself is not difficult but we must be good at exporting only the content we need, ignoring multimedia files (which can make the export process included in WhatsApp very difficult).

To learn more we can read our guides on how to print via email automatically come on how to print online from other PCs, mobile phones and remotely.


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