How to recover the Facebook account disabled or blocked

facebook account recovery Facebook is a global social network that requires everyone to register with the real name and publish news, photos, and words according to certain rules, more or less precise.
In the event that you are reported or found violating one or more Facebook rules, the account may be temporarily disabled, which means preventing its owner from accessing it normally.
A disabled account can, however, be recovered by recurring or, via a form to request readmission and access to the account.The main reasons why Facebook can disable the account of someone I am:
– The use of a false name
– The use of special fonts in the account name
– Publication of content that violates the terms and conditions of use of Facebook.
Among these conditions there are above all the absolute prohibition of publishing nude photos, violent content, insults to people, incitement to hatred and then also spam and false news.
As you can easily imagine, there are many cases in which it may not be so clear why the account has been disabled, but there is no need to be discouraged because resorting to it is quite simple on Facebook, even if you need to have a lot of patience.

If your Facebook account has been temporarily disabled, so let’s see what steps you need to follow to recover the disabled account.

1) First of all, you need to open the web page with an appeal form using a PC.
In this form, you can ask to analyze the problem with the following information to allow us to analyze the problem.
The form is valid only in case of disabling due to violation of the declaration of rights and responsibilities of Facebook and not for other problems.

2) Then enter the First name used on Facebook, Email address of access or telephone number, upload a scanned copy of the identity card and then write in the information their own declaration of innocence or the request to reactivate the account.
The request for an identity card is mandatory in this request because Facebook wants it to be used with the real name of a person and not with an invented or fake name.
In another article I wrote what to do if Facebook suspends the account and asks for the ID card, explaining that this request can also occur if there is suspicion of identity theft (so if we have the name similar to that of a famous or well-known character).
Instead of an identity card, you can also send another type of document to Facebook, such as a passport, a ballot paper or other certificates such as a library card or a bus pass.
The important thing, as can be read in the list of documents allowed by Facebook, is that there is the name, date of birth and that there is a photo.

In the event that we were found guilty of a false name, we may request rehabilitation by promising to change our name or to renounce and open another fake account.
Next time, maybe, it will be better to follow the instructions to create fake anonymous web accounts on every site (even Facebook) and not to be signaled.

At this point, you can try to see if the access has been rehabilitated and unlocked, but much more probably you will have to wait to receive news on the appeal via email in the next few hours.

While waiting, it’s worth checking if the disabling had not occurred for security reasons and not because the rules have been violated.
In this case, the page to go to is this:, where you only need to write the name, surname and email address used to log in.
You can also ask Facebook for an account verification if it has been hacked.

Recently, Facebook has also created a new appeal form for those whose accounts have been disabled for violating Facebook’s Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities.
The link to this form is, where you need to provide information to check if the requirements to use Facebook are met.

In essence, the only way to recover a disabled and blocked Facebook account is to provide an appeal with an identity document, necessary and indispensable.
Obviously, if you are using a fake name, the possibility of recovering the account is practically zeroed.
In any case, each appeal must be sent only once and not many times, otherwise, you will be marked as spam and you will no longer be able to contact Facebook.


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