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How to refurbish an old PC

After several years of honorable service, the time may have come change your PC.

However, in some cases, running may be sufficient some minor updates definitely cheaper which could help the computer “catch its breath” and become usable again.

Naturally we shouldn’t expect miracles, but an old or perhaps used PC purchased for a few euros can go back to working and be used as a secondary device or perhaps for entertainment.

Let’s find out some simple tips for rejuvenate an old PC.

  • 1. Buy an SSD

    Replace an old one mechanical hard drive (HDD) with a modern solid state drive (SSD) it is probably one of the most effective operations to give new life to an old desktop or laptop PC.

    Don’t just do it it will improve the user experience but it will also help the computer to be snappier when switching on and when running the various applications.

    A solid state drive will greatly help your PC by making it faster and snappier than a classic hard drive, however you will need to disassemble your computer.

    To replace the hard disk, in fact, you have to open the computer case and physically disassemble the old component by inserting a new one. Nothing too complex, of course, but it’s still an operation that requires some dexterity and, in case of doubts, the advice is to contact a specialist and entrust the computer to his care.

    Besides, it is also a very cheap operation and with a few hundred euros you can go back to using a computer that with only the HDD now seems destined for the landfill.

  • 2. Add more RAM to your old PC

    Add more RAM to your computer is a way to give “more breathing room” to the operating system and the various applications that will be available more memory to work best.

    So if a dated PC or perhaps purchased used is too slow, you can evaluate the option to insert a new stick of RAM so it can get faster.

    A new stick of RAM can be purchased for a few tens of euros and installed on the PC to increase the supplied memory to be used for the Apps and the operating system.

    Again, however, there will be a need for disassemble the case (o in the case of a laptop to open the appropriate compartment) and replace or add the new purchased component.

    In the same way as an SSD it comes to an inexpensive operation and very simple to perform, you just need to pay a little attention and, of course, buy the right component and, with just a few minutes, you will be installing new RAM to your computer.

  • 3. Operating system and program maintenance

    To speed up an old computer, before proceeding with the purchase of other components, it is always advisable check startup programs which can often “steal” precious resources from the machine.

    Enough to do it go to Start and type msconfig. In the new window you need to go up Start and deselect any applications in the list.

    Another great solution to speed up your computer is to uninstall all unused programs which only serve to take up space on your hard drive.

    Operating system maintenance is a great solution to keep an old PC running at its best, and moreover it can also help the user to solve any software problems inside it.

    To do this, just go to Control Panel and, from the card Programs and features uninstall all those software that have not been used for a long time.

    If these operations do not serve to speed up the computer, it is always good try formattingwhich consists of erase all data on the disk and start from scratch with programs and operating system.

    Doing so is a more complicated operation than requires certain skills and, of course, the operating system license and installed programs. Before proceeding, therefore, it is advisable to talk to someone who knows about it.

  • 4. Try an open source operating system

    The most used operating system of all is, of course, Windows in all its versions (or MacOS for computers of Apple). However we talk about programs that they require a lot of resources and may not be supported by older PCs.

    The best solution to bring an old PC back to life is use an open source operating system type Linux which among its many distributions has some specifically developed for dated hardware.

    Also in this case to proceed with the installation it is necessary have some expertise in the matter and, before starting, it is advisable to talk to more practical users who can give indications on how to do it and on which distribution to choose.

  • 5. Adjusting the inside of the case

    An operation that is often overlooked concerns cleaning the inside of the computer (for stationary PCs, obviously) which, of course, will tend to accumulate dust and dirt.

    A rather simple operation that can be performed in a few minutes even by less experienced users. First you need to turn off the PC and unplug it from the power. After removing the case cover, you can use a can of compressed air (taking care not to overdo it) and possibly a dry electrostatic cloth.

    Dust and dirt are quite evident between the circuits of the motherboard and with a little patience it will also be possible without too many problems.

    This could also be the perfect opportunity for upgrade coolers of the PC, such as the fans for example, by cleaning them properly or inserting new ones.

    A rather intuitive operation but that requires some dexterity and above all of expertise in the matter. Since these are extremely delicate components, the advice is not to improvise and ask a specialist for help.

    The same could also be done for the CPU thermal paste replacement which over time could be damaged and lead to excessive overheating of the processor.

    An operation much more complex than the previous ones therefore it is advisable to listen to the opinion of an expert before proceeding.

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