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More and more often we hear about SPID, which has become, among other things, the main access data to the portal INPS from 1 October 2020, but what is it SPID, and what is it for? how can you request?The path is traced and has the purpose of integrating all the services in order to allow citizens to access from their own home to all the services of the Public Administration as well as of the participating private entities. With this dedicated article, we will try to shed some light on the Public System of Digital Identity: we will see what it is, how to get it, and what are the advantages.

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What is the SPID

Established in 2013 by AgID and from Government and activated in 2016, the SPID, acronym for Public Digital Identity System, is what allows Italian citizens to access directly online to the services of the Public Administration and private entities that join it with a single digital identity (username and password), which can be used from any device connected to the internet.

The use of the SPID is always free as well as requesting it even if, if you decide to do so through recognition via webcam, the service provider (Provider) can request payment of this additional service. With the SPID it will be possible to manage health bookings, school and university enrollments, business practices as well as have access to the public wi-fi network, comfortably from home or from any other place with an internet connection. Furthermore, the system SPID ensures full protection of their personal data, thus guaranteeing our Privacy, through the prohibition for the Service Provider to keep user data received from identity Provider and it is absolutely forbidden to track the activities of an individual. Public Administrations and private entities that adhere to the Public System of Digital Identity, display the login button SPID as highlighted below.

SPID security

The SPID presents itself to users according to three levels of security to be defined preferably during the activation phase of the service (it remains possible to add it also at a later time):

  • First level security: access to online services by entering a username and password chosen by the user.
  • Second level security: dedicated to services that require a higher degree of security and through which access is via a username and password chosen by the user, plus the generation of a temporary access code that can be used via a dedicated device or application.
  • Third level security: in this case, the use of additional security solutions and physical devices provided by the Provider is envisaged.

By whom it can be requested

The SPID can be requested, free of charge, exclusively by Italian citizens of age who reside in Italy or abroad.

For the request it is necessary:

  • a valid email address;
  • the usual mobile number;
  • a valid identity document (passport, identity card, …);
  • health card with tax code.

How to request the SPID

To get it SPID you must first choose an Identity Provider (Aruba ID, Info cert ID, Poste Italiane ID, Tim ID, …) and register on the site by following 3 simple steps:

  • insertion of their own personal data;
  • creation of credentials SPID;
  • carrying out the recognition that can be done through THERE IS, CNS, or digital signature.

The timing of the release of the SPID depends on the service managers.

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Choice of Provider

My advice is to choose a provider with which other services have already been activated, for example, the PEC, in order to have a single and simplified service management flow.

In your choice, however, it is good to take into account the following factors:

  • proposed security level (not all operators offer all 3 security levels);
  • if you live abroad, pay attention to who offers the service abroad;
  • using the THERE IS, CNS, and digital signature you can get it SPID from remote; if recognition is made via THERE IS or CNS the use of a is required smart card reader to connect to the pc.

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Best SPID Providers


Aruba has four methods for requesting the SPID.

A) by remote digital signature (free): download the ad Aruba ID, you sign with your digital signature and top up signed; therefore only a valid digital signature is required;

B) with Health insurance card or CNS (free): you must enter your own Health insurance card with CNS or your own National Service Card in the smart card reader connected to your computer. You need:

  • a smart card reader;
  • the PIN;
  • the Health Card or CNS.

C) with Electronic Identity CardTHERE IS (free): you have to bring your own THERE IS to a reader NFC contactless. You need:

  • CIE version 3.0 valid;
  • PIN of the THERE IS;
  • a contactless NFC reader.

D) recognition in person (cost of Euro 5.00 ): at one of the affiliated branches.

2) InfoCert ID

InfoCert provides four ways to make the request for SPID:

A) online with digital signature active (free) for which are required:

    • a digital or remote signature device;


  • a special reader if the digital signature is on Smart Card;
  • a valid identity document;
  • the Health Card.

B) online with CNS (National Service Card) active (free) for which it is requested

  • the CNS;
  • a Smart Card reader;
  • a valid identity document;
  • the Health Card.

C) online with Recognition by Video ( at the cost of € 15.99 + VAT ) for which are required:

  • a valid identity document;
  • the Health Card;
  • a computer, tablet, or smartphone with webcam.

D) recognition in person at an InfoCert Point and you need:

  • a valid identity document;
  • Health insurance card.


Poste Italiane ID provides seven ways to request it SPID:

A) Recognition in person: it is necessary to register on the Poste Italiane ID site and keep at hand:

  • your email address;
  • your mobile number;
  • the Health Card;
  • a valid identity document.

B) with Electronic Document (CIE or electronic passport): you must register on the App POST ID available for Android and for iPhone on devices that have technology NFC. Are required:

  • the CIE or the Electronic Passport;
  • the Health Card;
  • the Poste ID app.

C) with SMS on certified mobile phone: it is addressed to account holders BancoPosta or PostePay who have certified their mobile number; you have to register by entering your credentials poste.it and the verification code that you receive on the certified mobile number. Therefore you need:

  • the poste.it credentials;
  • a certified mobile number;
  • An address e-mail.

D) with BANCOPOSTA READER: is aimed at owners BancoPosta and paper Postamat; you must register with your own poste.it credentials and the verification code which is displayed on the player. Therefore, the following are necessary:

  • the poste.it credentials;
  • an email address;
  • a BancoPosta and Postamat reader;
  • a mobile number.

And with CNS: you must register by connecting the Smart Card reader or USB key to your computer eg entering the PIN when requested. You need:

  • Smart Card reader;
  • CNS;
  • email address;
  • cellphone number;
  • Health insurance card;
  • valid identity document.

F) with Digital Signature: you must register and use the digital signature to sign the application form. You need:

  • digital signature;
  • email address;
  • cellphone number;
  • Health insurance card;
  • valid identity document.

G) with recognition in person: if you initiated the request at one Public Desk you can finalize your registration using the activation code received and if in possession, the activation package received at your email address. Therefore, the following are required:

  • the activation code;
  • an email address;
  • the Tax Code;
  • the activation package;
  • your mobile number.


TIM ID: the request SPID provides four methods of recognition:

A) with CNS or Health Card (free); you need:

    • National Service Card;


  • Health insurance card;
  • PC with Smart Card reader.

B)recognition in person (free): you have to make an appointment and go to the nearest Tim office among the available. You need to have with you:

  • a valid identity document;
  • the Health Card;

C) with Qualified Signature (free): you use your own qualified electronic signature or your digital signature and you need to:

  • a PC with Smart Card reader;
  • a USB Token;
  • a mobile number.

D) recognition via webcam (cost of Euro 12.08 including VAT currently in promotion): recognition takes place via a computer or smartphone equipped with a working video camera and microphones. You need:

  • a PC or smartphone equipped with a video camera;
  • a valid identity document;
  • Health insurance card.

Loss of the SPID

In case of loss of your own SPID no need to worry: each Provider, in fact, provides a procedure that allows the recovery of one’s digital identity in a short time.

To find out how each Provider allows you to recover your digital identity, simply connect to the HelpDesk page of the government site, choose your own Identity Provider, click on the relevant link and follow the procedure described.

SPID benefits

As always happens when you start a project involving multiple users, in this case, the entire Italian population, the critical issues are not lacking but here I would like to focus on the advantages of this system, which I think can bring to more smart ed integrated. The Public Digital Identity System it allows, in fact, to simplify the life of citizens and businesses in interacting with the Public Administration and with private service providers, allowing access to a wide range of online services thanks to a single login. A single login will allow, in fact, to obtain from personal certificates, blood tests, to access payment services, to have a pension statement. The SPID is also designed to increase transparency on the management of one’s data and provide services according to the principle of minimum data.

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