How to restore Windows default settings and delete set policies

How to restore Windows default settings and delete set policies

Have you ever wanted to change some Windows settings and see the message “Some of these settings are managed by your organization“? In this case the settings are grayed out and it is not possible to make any type of selection.

The warning “Some of these settings are managed by the organization”, which for many users has a somewhat sinister flavor, does not only appear in corporate environments, in which the system administrator has implemented group politics or other settings management measures. As we have seen in other articles, in fact, through the GPO (Group Policy Object) You can easily (and bulk) change the settings of Windows clients connected to an Active Directory domain. We have also provided an example to block installation of useless apps using GPO.

The message “Some of these settings are managed by your organization” can occur, both in Windows 10 and in Windows 11, when the user uses one of the many utilities that allow customize the operating system adapting it to your needs. It can also appear when using “ad hoc” scripts, like ours batch to speed up Windows 11 and optimize the system or the routine PowerShell useful for optimizing and speeding up Windows 10 in one fell swoop.

Even individual changes to the configuration of the Windows registry can have an absolutely identical consequence.

Reset Windows local policies and delete customized settings

In another study, we saw how it is possible to check which custom settings are defined in Windows.

If, however, the message “Some of these settings are managed by your organization” (which goes a long way Fight Club o Matrix…) does not give you peace and limits your freedom of action by reducing the possibilities for customizing Windows, know that it is possible restore local policies predefined with a simple expedient.

For the benefit of our readers, we have created a new file batch which resets all customizations and returns Windows to the standard configuration.

To proceed, you need to visit this page, right-click in a free area of ​​it, and choose Save with nameselect the destination folder (for example, Desktop) and then type "reset_policy.bat" (including quotes) in the field File name. The file is compatible with both systems Windows 11 than with the installations of Windows 10.

Reset policy gruppo Windows 11 e Windows 10

At this point, you need to save all open documents and close any running applications. You can then right-click on the file reset_policy.bat saved on the Desktop and finally choose Run as administrator.

Restore Windows default settings

How batch file restore default group policies works in Windows 10 and 11

As a first step, we ask for the creation of a folder %userprofile%\Backup_Settings in which we then save the customized Windows settings. You never know.

Ignore any error messages such as “The file/folder could not be found“: This is completely normal because it means that you are not using all the custom settings that the batch takes into account.

Restore default policies Windows 11 and Windows 10

The batch continues with the removal of customizations (policy) defined in Windows 10 or Windows 11, and then inform the user about the automatic restart of the system.

Message Some of these settings are managed by your organization disappeared

Windows restarts within 5 seconds after the final confirmation appears. For this reason, it is important to make sure you have saved all important documents and closed various running applications before starting the batch file.

At this point, returning to the Windows 10 or Windows 11 settings, the messages “Some of these settings are managed by your organization” should be completely gone.

However, we recommend it creating a backup complete with your Windows machine.

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