How to save Facebook photos on Android or iPhone

Facebook Photos Between methods for sharing photos with friends and family the most used is without a doubt Facebook. Those who share photos on Facebook can do so from their phone or even from a PC, tablet or any device capable of connecting to the internet.

If in another article we have seen how easy it is create an online copy of photos taken with your phonein this guide we will show you how save photos published and shared on Facebook on your phone from other people, in order to have a local copy visible even offline, without internet connection.

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1) Save photos via screenshot

A quick way to save a photo from Facebook (whether it’s included in a story, group, or page) involves using the screenshot feature, found on virtually any modern phone. Once the photo of our interest has been opened, we press the key combination provided by our phone or perform a three-finger swipe from top to bottom (typical of Xiaomi phones) to quickly acquire a copy of any photo.

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2) Direct saving from the Facebook app

To save Facebook photos to an Android or iPhone smartphone we can simply open the Facebook app when we are connected to the Internet, open a photo by touching it, press the menu button of the three dots and finally use the option Save to phone.

This is certainly the simplest way but also the most laborious, especially if the intention is to save entire albums.

3) External apps to download photos from Facebook

If we want to download all the photos of our friend or contact on Facebook we can use an external application such as Multi Downloader for Facebook.
Multi Downloader for Facebook This very simple app allows you to view and download all the photos posted on Facebook.
The only requirement is that the profile we download from is public or with photos set to visible; this is usually only possible on friends’ profiles, on photos in which we are also tagged and on photos shared publicly (therefore accessible to all).

If the photos that interest us are shared via a Facebook storywe can download the photo right away (before it is automatically deleted) using an app like Story saver for Facebook.
Story saver for Facebook With Story saver for Facebook we can access stories shared by friends and, if one of these is a photo we like, we can download it to the internal memory of our device, so that we can keep a copy and thus bypass the 24 hour limit ( the maximum display time of a story before deletion).

4) Save photos automatically to the cloud and to your phone

For more geek users it is possible automate saving photos every time a photo is posted on a Facebook profile. You can use the IFTTT automation service and its extension Back up your new Facebook photos to Google Drive.
Facebook Photo backup To proceed, all we have to do is create an IFTTT account, start the recommended extension and provide access to Facebook and the Google Drive cloud service, as well as choosing which photos, which page and which profile we want to monitor. In a completely automatic way, the photos will be uploaded to the cloud space, ready to be viewed from the website or from theGoogle Drive app.

If we want to synchronize the photos saved in the Google Drive folder on the phone’s local memory we can use the app Autosync for Google Drivewhich allows you to add the selective sync option so you can choose one or more folders to sync on your phone (and avoid carrying unnecessary larger files to your phone).

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To save Facebook photos on Android or iPhone we can use very simple tricks such as screenshots or direct saving or rely on third-party apps (for now only on Android) capable of save entire albums or all photos taken by a friend on Facebook or from a public profile. For those who want to automate everything, IFTTT can be configured to automatically save Facebook photos on the cloud, so as not to lose them.

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