How to save Whatsapp photos (received and sent) to keep them

store received photos When after a party or after a certain event you receive the photos made by friends on Whatsapp, it would be good to save them in the gallery, so you can see them from the main photo application, without necessarily opening that chat on Whatsapp.
On the other hand, it can happen to send a photo to someone through the Whatsapp chat by shooting it with the built-in camera and then want to keep it in memory.
This operation, to save the received and even sent photos, becomes really necessary because then in Whatsapp many photos and junk images are accumulated coming from the various groups of friends, that if they go to accumulate become a waste of internal memory in the phone.
In this regard, we had seen how to free up space in Whatsapp and clean the archive use by deleting photos and images sent and received.

When you want to save and extract photos received and sent from Whatsapp that we want to keep and see in the gallery, there are two methods, one that works on the iPhone, another that works on Android smartphones (Samsung, Huawei, and other brands).

To save received and sent Whatsapp photos on an Android phone, theoretically, it would be enough to simply find them in the Gallery application.
If we use Google Photos, we need to open the main menu by touching the button with three lines at the top left and then tap on Device folders.
Then find the folder Whatsapp Images to see all the images saved by Whatsapp in the various chats and groups.
To keep important photos in a safe way, it is, therefore, advisable to select them, then press the button with three dots at the top right and copy them to the Camera folder or another to choose from.
If you use Google Photos, it is not convenient to activate the automatic backup for Whatsapp images because you would save all the garbage that usually comes from the groups, which instead should be deleted often.
If you use another gallery app for Android, the process is the same.

However, if you have chosen to use the option that disables the downloading and saving of photos and videos on Whatsapp, you need to download photos manually by tapping the preview in the chats.

Photos of Whatsapp can be found in the internal folder of the Android filesystem to be able to make a copy to save in another secure folder.
Using a file manager for Android like ES File Explorer, you can go to the folder WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images and use the copy, cut and paste keys to move them and save them in another location.

Save the received and sent photos of Whatsapp in the Gallery to iPhone it is instead automatic and no modification is required.
If it does not work, check that the option is active Settings (by Whatsapp)> Chat > Save media received.
You must also make sure that WhatsApp is “authorized” to access the Photos app by going to Settings (of the iPhone) -> Privacy -> Photo -> Whatsapp -> Reading and writing

What should be done instead is copy the most important photos manually in the main role, so that if you use an app like Google Photos, they are saved in the automatic backup.
To do this, you need to open the chat, find the photo you want to keep, touch it to bring up the menu, then tap the arrow to the right and tap Save.
The iPhone will not give any confirmation, but the photo will be saved in the roll and will be included in the main folder of the Camera.

Whatsapp chat photos can be saved in a super simple way opening Whatsapp via the website on PC.
From the Whatsapp Web site just press on an image to open it large and then save it by pressing the download button at the top right (the down arrow) or by using the right mouse button on the photo.

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