How to search for a professional on the Internet (bricklayer, plumber, etc.)

The best sites dedicated to finding professionals such as bricklayers, plumbers, electricians for housework.

Online professionalUntil a few years ago, when a water pipe broke or the power went out for no apparent reason, it was necessary to pull out the telephone directory or the famous Yellow Pages and look for a professional in the area in order to fix an appointment and an inspection to closely understand the extent of the damage.
Times have changed a lot and, thanks to the advent of the Internet, almost all professionals in the sector can now be reached through dedicated research sites, personal pages, or online telephone directories, easily accessible both from PC and smartphone.
In this guide we will show you all of them the best sites to search for a professional on the Internet (bricklayer, plumber, etc.), so to be able to plan an intervention quickly and quickly even when we are away from home or at work.

How to search for professional online

For services dedicated to the search for an online professional, we will indicate both the website to be accessed from the PC and the dedicated app (where present), so that you can search from your smartphone even when away from home and out of Wi-Fi coverage. -Fi.


The first service we recommend you try to find a professional on the Internet is ProntoPro.

To use this site, all we have to do is enter the professional we are looking for, choose the area we live in, enter the details of the work to be done and compare the various quotes, complete with a link to the profile of the chosen professional in which to check the reviews and feedback left by other users who have used the service. Once you have chosen the right quote, we will be contacted by the professional and we will only have to agree on the date and time for the inspection appointment and the actual work.
In addition to the site, you can also download the theProntoPro app, available free for Android and iPhone.


Another very useful service to search for professionals online is InstaPro.

The website works in a similar way to when seen on ProntoPro: just enter the work we need in the text field in Home, press the button Find a professional, provide more details on the type of work to be done and finally scroll through the online quotes provided by the professionals themselves.
Once we have chosen the right quote for our work, we will be contacted by the professional, so that we can arrange the appointment necessary to carry out the work.
InstaPro is available as a dedicated app for professionals, therefore to be downloaded only if we have an active professional profile on the site; if instead, we are customers it is better to open the InstaPro site from any web browser (Chrome and Safari are fine).


If the previous sites did not provide us with the professional we were looking for, we can take a look at the ProntoProfessionista site.

The functioning of the site is very similar to the previous ones: there is a search bar in which to enter the professional or the work to be done, so just select the desired city or province and press the button Research to evaluate all quotes.
Also in this case there is no app dedicated to customers, but we can open the site on the smartphone browser and start the search as if we were in front of the PC.


Another site that can offer you a wide selection of professionals in the area is Ernesto.

On this site we will find both the “handyman” search bar (in which to enter the job or professional required) and various jobs and professionals already “ready to use”, all we have to do is click on one of the items on the left side of the site or in the central part of the same, choose the city or province in which we live and immediately get in touch with the professional that most inspire us.
Ernesto, it is also available as a dedicated app, freely downloadable on Android and iPhone.

Yellow Pages

Our grandparents and parents were obliged to use PagineGialle to find a professional; nowadays we can continue to use the service thanks to the PagineGialle website.

Within the site, simply enter the name of the professional we need in the text field, select the city or province in which we live, and press the button Search for, so you can view the list of professionals available in the area.
In this case, we will not have any other additional information: to obtain the quote and schedule the work we will have to pick up the handset and call the number indicated next to the professional’s card (in the “old way”).
To search from our smartphone we can also use the Pagine Gialle app, available for free download for Android and iPhone.


There is no shortage of services to look for a professional in the sector and effectively replace the old telephone directory, the old Paper Yellow Pages (we can use the online ones), and the ever-present word of mouth, which still remains the fastest way to look for professionals already known to our friends or relatives; if we move to a new and unknown city instead it will be enough to use one of the sites or apps seen above to immediately search for the right professional!

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