all facebook posts If we are constant Facebook users, the posts we write every day, the shared links and the published photos from our personal history, which all friends and people we know can see and review from our profile.
Since, however, it is probable that not all the posts we publish on Facebook are pearls of wisdom or photos that deserve to remain online, it would be better to go to cancel or hide from the diary those less interesting or more embarrassing.
To do this, however, it is necessary to have a list of all Facebook posts on a page, without having to search for them one by one.

The trick that lets you see all the Facebook posts on a page is to open Facebook on PC and use the grid view.

Then open the personal profile and just below the cover image press the key diary in order to select the Grid display.
The posts, with this special view, appear in compact boxes, three for each line.
Scrolling downwards then becomes very fast and really allows you to see all the posts quickly, even if these were hundreds.
At the top, in the grid view, the button appears Manage posts which allow you to select posts with a flag to be able to delete them altogether or to hide them from the diary.
You can then delete or hide in the block up to 50 posts at a time (you cannot select more at once).

This type of makeup is not possible from the Facebook app on Android and iPhone, where however there is the key to display, manage and delete a bulk post.
To find it you have to open your profile in the Facebook app (by pressing the little man button or on your name), scroll down to below the friend’s section and just above the first post that appears.
You will find, written in small, the Manage Post button that allows you to quickly scroll through the diary and all that has been published.
It is also possible, in this mode, to filter the posts by year or by tag.

Another way to see all the Facebook posts which we have published is that of using the activity log, although in this case, the display is certainly more uncomfortable.
Then press the key activity log on the personal profile page on the Facebook site and then click on Post in the left column.
From the activity log you can, on the right side, choose the year to be displayed so that you can quickly reach older posts.

In another article, we saw that for delete all Facebook posts and “Likes” in one click, you can use a very comfortable extension, especially if the goal is to delete any or all at once.


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