How to see if a number exists and is on Whatsapp

whatsapp number check There was a time when to know if a phone number was real, correct and existing it was necessary to try calling it, but today it is possible to do so using Whatsapp, without risking that the owner of that number knows we’re doing research on him. Since Whatsapp is used all over the world, practically by anyone, it has become like a world-wide address book of telephone numbers, in which we are all registered. For this reason, it is easy seeing a number on Whatsapp and also find out who it is or, at least, some clue that can lead to the identity of that person.

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To find out if a number is on Whatsapp, for example, a number that called us if we don’t know who it is, just copy this number, then open Whatsapp, press the button to write a new message and add a new contact. In the number field, you can paste the copied number and start the chat without sending anything.
If the number is not linked to a WhatsApp account, a message will be displayed below it and there will be no way to contact him except via SMS. A number that is not found on Whatsapp could be a non-existent number or a second number that is not used by the person who owns it to receive messages and phone calls.
If the number is on Whatsapp, depending on how the account has set Whatsapp’s privacy settings, it will be possible to see his profile picture, his name and also his status and last access. The person who owns that Whatsapp account will have no way of knowing which one was searched or even that was added to a chat, if no message is sent. If you add a number as a contact, the owner of the number will not know anything about this. Only if you receive a message can you see our phone number, our name and the profile picture if it is public?
Needless to say, anyone can do the same thing with our phone number, search whether or not we use WhatsApp and find information about us without needing to contact us. To avoid this you can open the Whatsapp settings by pressing the button of the three dots on the top right, then go to Account> Privacy and putting, for everything (Last access, Profile picture, Info etc), my contacts or Nobody, raising the option All which also allows those we do not know to see our face and other information.
Note that if a person has removed the app from the phone without deleting the account (which can be done in.) Settings> Account), then it will still be viewed as registered on Whatsapp.
If you are disturbed by someone, it is still possible to block numbers on Whatsapp and prevents him from sending us messages.

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