We don’t know if the VoLTE service is active on our compatible phone? Let’s find out together how to verify the presence of VoLTE

VoLTE active on the phone

with the acronym VoLTE we identify the voice call service in high definition (HD) which uses LTE technology for call management (the acronym actually means Voice over LTE).

This technology should supplant the old GSM calls (now of too low quality for modern times), allows you to call and surf the Internet at the same time and allows you to listen to the interlocutor’s voice cleanly and without background noise.

Many mobile operators in Italy have activated VoLTE, but many users cannot tell whether or not VoLTE is activated on their phone.

We will therefore show you in the following guide how to see if VoLTE is active on the phonechecking the settings in the mobile phone menus or doing some empirical tests on the quality of the call and on the possibility of using the Internet during the call itself.

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1) Check VoLTE active on Android

VoLTE Android

To check if VoLTE is active on Android we open the app Settingslet’s go to the menu Connections/Mobile networks/VoLTE calling and activate the item relating to the function; alternatively let’s go up SIM cards and mobile networkspress on the SIM card inserted in the phone and activate the button next to the item VoLTE call o VoLTE.

On some phones the menu option to manage VoLTE is disabled by default by the operating system; to enable it, open the numeric keypad (the one for making calls) and type the following command:


After launching this command, go back to the SIM or call management menu (as seen at the beginning of the chapter) and activate the switch next to the item Use VoLTE, VoLTE calls o VoLTE.

2) Check VoLTE active on iPhone

VoLTE iPhone

Those who own an iPhone can activate VoLTE by taking us on the path Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options (or alternatively the path Settings -> Mobile data), opening the menu Enable LTE and selecting the item Voice and data.

On some iPhone models it is possible to activate VoLTE by taking us to the path Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Optionsby pressing on the menu Voice and dataturning on the 4G item and enabling the switch next to the item VoLTE.

These operations can also be carried out if we have selected 5G as the type of network for Voice and data are iPhones.

2) How to see if we are using VoLTE

After verifying the effective activation of the VoLTE function we immediately make a test voice call with our phoneusing the numbers we have in the address book.

VoLTE service activation can be identified in two ways (depending on the phone model in use):

  • icon appears VoLTE next to the cellular network signal;
  • we see the icon appear 4G o 5G next to the cellular network signal (which is impossible without VoLTE).

With the VoLTE service active we can answer or make an HD voice call and simultaneously search the internet or open an app. For this test, we advise you to disable the Wi-Fi, which could distort the result.

4) VoLTE compatible operators

If we fail in any way to activate VoLTE let’s check below the list of Italian mobile operators that support VoLTE:

  • TIM
  • Vodafone
  • Fastweb
  • WindTre
  • ho.Mobile
  • Very Mobile

If we do not have one of these operators we will not be able to use VoLTE on the phone. If we have the right operator but VoLTE technology is not active the problem may be with your phone: let’s try another phone or reset it to make this technology accessible again.

To find VoLTE phones we can read our guide to most powerful android phones of the moment.


VoLTE will supplant the old GSM calls, now really too old to keep up with the times. VoLTE is also accessible on 5G networks: if we have a new phone and a compatible SIM, we can use this function to make high quality calls.

Even though we now have the unlimited calls via app it may be useful to activate VoLTE to be able to search the Internet even during a voice callwhich is impossible to do with standard 4G or lower calling technologies (the Internet signal is in fact disabled without VoLTE).

If we have problems activating VoLTE on our phone or SIM card we can read our guides on what to do if your 4G or 5G cellular data connection isn’t working come on how to see cellular signal strength on android and iphoneall excellent guides to find solutions to network problems related to the 4G signal or the 5G signal.

If, on the other hand, we wanted to take advantage of VoLTE as an additional service on 5G networks, we can learn more by reading our guides on how to check 5G coverage come on how to connect your phone to 5G network.


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