To keep track of our activity we can always know which sites we surf the most

Sites visited Chrome

With Google Chrome we can check the most visited sites on our account, so as to have a complete overview of the data collected by the browser and the pages we visit most often, as well as speed up access to our favorite sites (if we choose to set the main page browser to show these sites in the foreground).

In the following guide we will show you how to see most visited sites in chrome and how to integrate them into the browser homepage. If we fear that this information could be used to spy on our activity we will let you know how to delete them automatically.

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1) See the most visited sites on Google Chrome

Show visited sites

To see the sites we visit most often on Google Chrome for PC, open the browser, press the icon with the three dots at the top right, go to the menu Settingsclick on the menu Privacy and securitywe select the menu Site settingsclick on the item View permissions and data stored on sites and finally we use the drop-down menu next to the option Sort byso that you can select the item Most visited.

The site list will change to show the most visited sites in Chrome, with the most visited site at the top of the list, following all sites in descending order of visits.

Google Chrome mobile

Google Chrome on mobile devices automatically shows the most visited sites in the home of the app: to take advantage of this function, all we have to do is visit our favorite sites often, so as to see them appear in the home of the app, with the order of the most visited starting from the left (the most visited site) to the right (with the least visited sites).

At the time of writing it is not possible to change this setting on the Chrome app. For further information, we can read our guide to top tricks and features for Chrome on Android and iPhone.

2) Integrate the most visited sites in the Chrome home

Chrome Shortcuts

The most visited sites can be integrated into the Google Chrome homeso you have them right at your fingertips as soon as you run your browser.

To proceed, let’s open one chrome blank pagepress the button at the bottom right Customize Chromeclick on the menu Shortcuts and choose the option Most visited sites.

3) Most visited sites and privacy: how to intervene

The information about the most visited sites provided by Chrome can be very useful for quickly accessing your favorite sites but it also exposes the user to privacy violationseven more if the computer is used by several different people.

The simplest trick to keep the sites most visited without compromising privacy is to use a separate Windows account for each PC userby setting a access password for each account; to learn more we can read our guides on how protect access to Windows PC with screen lock and password come on how to protect opening chrome with password.

Alternatively we can delete the most visited sites by taking us to the path Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Site Settings -> View permissions and data stored on sites and pressing the button Erase all data.

If, on the other hand, we do not want to leave any traces on the computer while we browse, simply open the incognito mode of Chrome by pressing on the three dots at the top right and clicking on the item New incognito window; we can access this mode by also pressing on the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to use incognito browsing come on how to open chrome always incognito or firefox anonymously.


The function to see the most visited sites on Chrome is convenient for those who often access the same sites and want that, when opening the browser, you can open your favorite sites immediately without having to search for them in the Chrome top barin your bookmarks or browser history.

This feature may not appeal to users who share access to the PC with other users: better then create different users on windows and delete all data when we leave the browser or, better yet, use only incognito mode on shared computers.

Alternatively we can also open Chrome with the favorite sites already loaded, as seen in our guides on how to open bookmarks when the browser starts and on best tricks for chrome bookmarks bar.

For those seeking maximum privacy, I invite you to read our articles on best Browsers for privacy, private and without data tracking and about how delete PC usage traces for computer privacy.


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