All the ways to write and send telegrams from a PC or smartphone.

online telegram
The telegram was a very popular rapid postal service in the past, as it allowed short messages to be sent to any city in the world (thanks to the telegraph or, more recently, thanks to telephone lines). With a telegram we could participate in an event or notify an event without having to send a classic letter (which took too long to arrive), so that within 24 hours maximum the recipient was aware of the event without having to be present on site.Obviously, with the spread of the Internet and smartphones, the need to use a telegram has disappeared (since we can notify any event in a few seconds), but if we feel the need to notify an elderly relative without disturbing him on the phone, today we can still send a telegram online from PC and mobile, using the service offered by Poste Italiane on its website or app. In one of the chapters, we will also show you some alternative services that can be used instead of the telegram, so that you can also try some new service “tied to the past” but made modern by technology.

Send an online telegram from a PC

In order to send a telegram sitting in front of the home PC, we open the Poste Italiane site with any web browser (Chrome or Edge is fine too), click on the menu at the top Correspondence and shipping and, in section Correspondence, we select the item Telegram.
PC telegram
Once the page is open, scroll down to find the two items Telegram and International Telegram. We open the product we want to use (based on the country of the recipient), then scroll the page again, so that we can click on the button Ship online.
Online telegram
We will now be asked for the credentials of the Poste Italiane account or for it SPID managed by Poste Italiane on our behalf; enter the text of the telegram, enter the recipient information (postcode, country, etc.), enter our payment details (if we have a PostePay or a BancoPosta account, we will be able to use those, otherwise any credit/debit card) then we conclude the operation to complete the sending of the telegram. The message will be received the same day or, if sent after 6 pm, it will be delivered the next day.

The cost of the telegram varies according to the text we are going to write: € 5.50 for telegrams with text up to 20 words; € 8.50 up to 50 words; € 12 up to 100 words; € 23 up to 200 words; € 46.49 up to 500 words. Beyond 500 words, it is no longer worthwhile to send a telegram, as the message will be divided into two (the limit is 501 words): in this case, you might as well use Registered Mail 1 to get a good speed and being able to send a large letter inside the envelope.

If we have to send a telegram abroad, the costs are obviously higher since we will also have to pay a fee for the foreign postal operator who will take care of the delivery of our telegram.

Send a telegram online from your mobile

If we wish to send the telegram via smartphone or tablet, simply download the app on our portable device Post office by Poste Italiane, available for free for Android and iOS.
Post office
Once the app is open, enter the login credentials of our Poste Italiane account (we can also use those used for home-banking access for BancoPosta and Postepay), tap on the icon Telegram (present under the section Your operations), we select It begins, and we begin to compile our telegram, inserting the text to send. After entering the text we tap on Go on, we enter the recipient’s data exactly as seen on the PC, we confirm the payment data (also in this case we can pay with any bank product of the Italian Post Office or with any credit/debit card), then we confirm the sending.

The costs are identical to those seen for the site, but using the app we will have the possibility to quickly send a telegram wherever we are, without having to bother the PC.

Other methods of sending a telegram

If we cannot use a PC or the app to send our telegram, we can use the service of Telephone Dictation Telegrams, always offered by Poste Italiane: we will only have to call 186, from a TIM mobile phone or from a fixed network (Telecom, Fastweb, Tiscali, Wind Infostrada, Infracom, Momax, Qcom, TWT, Brennercom, Uno Communications SpA, Welcome Italia, Terrecablate Reti e Servizi, Convergence, DigiTel, Cloud Italia, Terra SpA, Teletu, Estracom, Intred, Mc-Link, Colt T., Ambrogio, Planetel Srl, Optima Italia SpA, Linea Com Srl) and, following the instructions provided, fill in the voice telegram, including information on the recipient.

The number 186 is active every day, including holidays, from 7:00 to 23:00 throughout the country. Telegrams sent via 186 will be charged by the respective telephone operators on the telephone bills or deducted from the prepaid TIM SIM. The cost is obviously slightly higher than sending online from a PC or smartphone.

Alternatively we can also use the service of Telephone anticipation; we call 186, we provide the data to fill in the telegram and we explicitly ask to be able to use the telephone advance. The operator will ask us for the recipient’s phone number and will make 3 attempts to contact the recipient; upon reply, the operator will ask the recipient for consent to read the telegram by telephone and will inform him that the same is recorded by the Post Office, so that the text of the telegram will be read by telephone to the recipient. A copy of the telegram will always be sent to both, so that we can have a confirmation of the delivery.
The cost of the service is added to that of the telegram sent via Telegram Telegram Dictation.

Alternatives to the telegram

A good alternative to the old telegram is the postcard, which many years ago was considered a real must every time we traveled abroad and we wanted to let people know when the place we had arrived was beautiful; in addition to tourist postcards, it was possible to fill in greeting cards and postcards to celebrate a special event.
With the arrival of the Internet, the paper postcard has disappeared, but it can still be sent digitally by visiting a site like 123 Greetings.

On this site we can find hundreds of postcards for any event and for thank you cards that can be easily customized in every aspect, from the graphics to the font used for the short embedded message. At the end of the drafting we will be able to send the postcard via email, so as to make it arrive immediately at its destination without having to wait for the times of the classic telegram.

A good alternative to the site seen above is Kisseo, an online postcards service in Italian.

On this site we can choose from numerous freely editable and customizable postcard templates; at the end of the compilation we can thankfully send the postcard via email or print it on paper and send it to any physical address (paying a certain amount).
To discover other valid sites for sending postcards, please read our guide Send real postcards or real greeting cards created by pc or mobile.


For many it may seem anachronistic thing to send the telegram to the present day (with email, chat, Facebook etc.), but remember that not all elderly people appreciate technology and may like to be informed about important events via a convenient telegram, that we can ship in “technological version” using our PC or smartphone.

Still on the subject of obsolete but still usable technologies, we recommend our guide on How to send a fax via internet for free. And if instead we want to send a package or a registered letter comfortably seated at home, we invite you to read our article on How to send parcels and registered mail to the post office from home.


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