How to Send Multiple Photos Together from iPhone to Android (and Vice Versa)

Do we have more photos to send from iPhone to Android and vice versa? Let’s see how to do it in a few simple steps, using quick apps

Send lots of photos online

Users who take a lot of photos with their phone need to always have a quick and convenient method at hand send multiple photos at once from an iPhone to an Android phone and vice versaovercoming the barriers that are inevitably created between two very different operating systems.

Below, i best methods to send photos taken from an iPhone to an Androidwhich can also be used to carry out the reverse operation (i.e from Android to an iPhone). For this purpose, only free apps will be recommended without limits on time or files to send.

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1) Google Photo

Google Photo

The first method to send multiple photos together from iPhone to Android (and vice versa) is based on Google Photoavailable for iPhone and for Android.

To send photos with this app all we have to do is open the menu Sharingpress at the top Create shared albuminsert the title and photos into the album (choosing from our gallery), pressing on the top right Share and press on Invite people to add people already present in our contact list or people present as Google contacts (from the address book or from the Gmail app).

Alternatively we can also share all photos immediately (taken and saved in the cloud) by pressing on Share with special contacttaking care to select From the beginning e Share all photosby pressing up Select special contact and choosing the special contact (from Gmail or any Google contact).

2) Google Drive

Google Drive

Another valid app for sending multiple photos together from iPhone to Android (and vice versa) is certainly Google Photodownloadable fromApple App Store and from Google Play Store.

After downloading this app on our phone we can quickly share all the photos taken or just some of them by opening the app, pressing on the bottom right Filepressing the + icon, then on Folder and creating a new folder; after creation, open it, press + again and choose this time Loadwe press on Photo and video and we choose from the gallery which photos to share, using the folders already present on the phone.

Once the photos have been added, tap on the three dots next to the name of the new folder and press on Sharewe add the people who will be able to access the new folder and confirm to start sharing.

From now on, all the people added to the shared folder will see the added photographs, without the need to download them all locally: they can very well view them directly from the Google Drive app and download only those they deem appropriate.

3) ShareDrop (online)


One of the best methods to send many photos together without installing any apps on your phone involves the use of ShareDropto be used directly within the smartphone browser (Safari on iPhone and Google Chrome on Android).

To proceed, all we have to do is open ShareDrop on our phone, have the system assign us a random name (usually based on animals) and, without closing the browser, open ShareDrop on the browser of the other phone too.

As soon as we see the name of the animal assigned to the other phone appear, press on it with your finger and select Photo library (are iPhone) o File (on Android), we indicate the photographs to share and wait for the files to be instantly loaded.

The only limitation of ShareDrop is that both devices must be present on the same network to be able to see each other; for this purpose the phones must therefore be connected to the same modem or to the same Wi-Fi access point.

4) Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

If, however, we wanted to immediately send all our favorite photos together, even on devices on different networks or with a connection to the cellular data network, we can rely on the app Send Anywhereavailable for iPhone and for Android.

The app’s absolute simplicity is its strong point: after opening it, all we have to do is press on Sendopen the menu Photoselect the photos to send and press down Send; we will be shown a numerical code.

Now all that remains is to open Send Anywhere on the other phone, this time taking us to the menu to receive and enter the code displayed on the first device: in a few seconds the transfer of all the selected photos will start, at the maximum speed compatible with the cellular data network or the Wi-Fi network that both devices are using at the moment, with the possibility of save and pause the transfer.

5) PhotoSync


The last app we want to present to you to send multiple photos together from iPhone to Android (and vice versa) is PhotoSyncavailable for iPhone and for Android.

The app was created with the aim of quickly sharing photos between devices on the same network, whatever the device in use or the device on which to save the photos. After installing the app, simply select the photos to send, press on the sharing menu and select the device on which the same app is present.

In addition to the app for mobile devices we can also download theapp per Mac e per Windowsso you can quickly send the photos you just took to your computer.


Of free and effective methods for send multiple photos together from iPhone to Android (and vice versa) we have plenty of them and they are all convenient to use even for those who are new to using a smartphone. They are certainly the fastest to use ShareDrop e Send Anywherebut the Google and PhotoSync apps are also excellent alternatives for sharing photographs taken with friends, relatives and colleagues.

To learn more we can read our guides on ways to share photos privately with friends and family and on Fastest ways to share files on the internet.

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