How to send Stickers on Whatsapp and download new stickers for chats

send stickers Finally, after waiting for months, WhatsApp launched the long-awaited Sticker function, that is, cute and animated stickers to send in chats instead of Emoji or GIF.
WhatsApp stickers they work in a similar way to those of Facebook and Telegram (where they have been present for years), with a section dedicated to stickers and the possibility of adding new sticker packages.
The stickers work like emoticons and can be sent in any chat by touching a sticker icon in the selection interface that appears when you press the smiley button next to the writing box.
Like emojis, stickers also serve to convey emotions and moods without having to write words, which are also included in some stickers.
While to send the stickers it’s simple, in this article we see all the possibilities to add the most used ones to favorites, to group them and to download stickers for Whatsapp.How to send Stickers Stickers in Whatsapp (on Android, iPhone and even from Whatsapp Web).

To send stickers, touch the emoji icon next to the WhatsApp typing area.
While before there were only emojis and GIFs, now you will find the sticker icon.
You can send stickers both on individual chats and in groups.

NOTE: The Stickers are available on Android from the version 2.18.339 and on iPhone from the version

If they still don’t appear on Android, you can proceed with updating the app by downloading the installation file from the site https://www.whatsapp.com/android/.
If you want to download the Whatsapp APK file directly on your smartphone, you need to open the Android download page using Chrome and the “Request desktop site” option (which can be activated from the main menu with three dots at the top right on Chrome).

Recently used stickers are kept at hand as is the case with Emoji so that they can be found and sent quickly.
When you open the sticker panel, the recently used stickers are in the first tab at the top, with an icon that looks like a clock.

Each sticker can then be added to favorites, to create a special collection of those you like best, for easier access.
To find your favorite stickers, open the sticker panel and touch the Star icon.
To add stickers to the favorites section, touch and hold on the chosen sticker, then from the pop-up menu, tap add.

In the button bar above the stickers, in addition to the favorites button and the recent one, there is also a button with a heart icon that allows you to display the various stickers based on emotions.
You will then be able to see the stickers with happy faces or the sad ones, the affectionate ones and the alert ones.

Group stickers

When multiple stickers are sent at the same time in a conversation, WhatsApp automatically groups them into pairs to save space on the chat screen.
To see the groupings of stickers you will have to close the chat and then reopen it.

As you will notice, at the beginning there is only one type of stickers available.
To add more stickers to Whatsapp, in the selection screen, you must press the + button on the right in the row button bar with favorites, recent and heart.
Here you will find all the sticker packages available from Whatsapp, which you can download for free.
All added stickers will be visible on the screen My Stickers.
In this list, you can order the types of stickers differently by holding down one of them and then using the button to move them (the one with four lines).
Once the order has been changed, it will be automatically reflected on the Whatsapp main screen.
To delete a specific package, from the My Stickers screen, tap the trash can icon.

Download new Stickers (Android only)

Scrolling through the list of all the stickers (on Whatsapp for Android), you can touch the key to download other stickers, which refers to the application store, or you can directly download one of these apps, the ones with the best stickers.
Once you have installed a sticker app, these will be visible in the list directly on Whatsapp.
Obviously, by removing the app the various stickers will disappear.

Between best Android sticker packages that you can install on Whatsapp we can download free:

– Stickers Pop for WhatsApp offers a variety of stickers divided into various categories, all under the same app.

The first 8 new and free Android apps for January 2019 31The first 8 new and free Android apps for January 2019 1
The app has ads and they are not intrusive. Also, you won’t be opening the app long after adding the stickers on WhatsApp.

– 10 Sticker Packs, with the 10 most popular Telegram sticker packages.
There are stickers with bunnies, birds, crocodiles, cats, cute sharks, dogs, penguins, polar bears, and unicorns.

– Emoji stickers, they are stickers with emoji smilies, which will look great.

– Halloween stickers with funny scary designs, and 10 different types of stickers, beautiful to use not only at Halloween but at any time.

– Sticker Packs For Whatsapp allows you to create new stickers using any image or photo, custom designs, written texts, emoticons.

– Sticker Maker is another application that can be used to create new stickers with your own photos.

– Bigmoji is another app to have the classic Emoji as a sticker, only much larger.

– New Stickers is a rather rich collection of stickers for Whatsapp, which includes Christmas, Animal, TV Program, Video Game, Celebrity, Football stickers and much more.

The groups of stickers added and downloaded will also appear on the Whatsapp Web site, to send them even from a PC

Finally, remember that you can send personalized stickers even with your own face.
We have seen how to do it, in the guide on how to create animated stickers with our face for Messenger and Whatsapp.

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