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How to share AirTags with other people with iOS 17

There are many innovations announced by Apple at the WWDC 2023: from the long-awaited Vision Pro augmented reality headset to the important update of Apple Watch con watchOS 10. Con iOS 17the new operating system for iPhone, the Cupertino giant has introduced the possibility of share a Apple AirTag with others, more precisely up to 5 different people.

This means that everyone can carry it with them without getting annoying unwanted tracking notifications and locate them wherever they are at any time. In fact, many other networks of tracker Bluetoothincluding SmartThings and Tile, already let you share a smart tag with other accounts.

What changes for AirTags with iOS 17

Currently, the AirTag they can be associated only with a person’s Apple ID, but they could be connected to objects that other family members also use such as car keys, bicycles, purses, and more. So if a family member takes the AirTag away they will receive unwanted tracking notifications. The person who set up the AirTag will also be sent “away from” alerts, but if it’s “borrowed” from a family member, the alerts can be turned off for one day or indefinitely.

With iOS 17, however, it will be possible to share AirTags with people outside the householdand track its location via the Find My app. Apple said everyone in the group will be able to see the location of an object, play a sound and use pinpoint location to pinpoint the location of a shared AirTag when it’s nearby, which also applies to other accessories in the Dove network. And.

So, by updating iPhone to the latest major release, it will be possible to share your AirTag with other people by email or phone number. The new option “Share this AirTag” will be present in the Find My app.

Prevent unwanted tracking

Before selecting the name from the contact list, a screen will appear warning that the AirTag can be found by other people using theWhere’s app. Additionally, AirTag sharers will not receive tracking notifications when they are nearby. To ensure greater security, the chosen people will receive a notification to accept or decline sharing.

The long-awaited change for AirTag fans may cause concern for those who fear the unwanted tracking. For this we must not accept the invitation superficially share an AirTag.

After all, Apple has always worked for avoid misuse of the AirTags and developed theapp Tracker Detect for AirTag detection also on Android. In addition, in May it announced a joint proposal with Google to counter the inappropriate use of these devices, by enabling unauthorized location detection and alerts on both iOS and Android.

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