How to share the Internet from your phone

How to share the internet connection from your mobile (Android or iPhone) and connect from your computer or tablet to surf the web

Share internet phone In offices or even at home we use a modem or a Wi-Fi router to distribute the Internet connection to all devices within range: we will hardly need anything else to surf, at least as long as the connection is stable and does not suddenly jump. !

If there is no Wi-Fi connection available, if the internet line goes down for some reason or stops working we will have to use our smartphone to connect to the internettaking advantage of the data connection and the Giga included in the offer to continue working.

In the guide that follows we will show you how to share the internet from your phoneso as to be able to guarantee access to fixed PCs or notebooks and, if necessary, create an ad hoc Wi-Fi network to connect the devices of friends and relatives.

There are several ways to share the connection from your smartphone: You can share the connection either via USB cable (USB tethering), via Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot) or even using Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth tethering).

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Share the Internet from your phone via USB cable

Per share the Internet connection via USB cable to an Android phone connect the device to the PC using the supplied USB cable (or buy a dedicated one from Amazon site), we wait for the installation of the modem drivers by Windows and, as soon as we are ready, we press the network icon to verify that the remote connection of the phone is active.

In case of problems it may be useful to read our guides on how to install android driver on pc and how to do it if Android is not recognized by the PC with USB connection.

Per share the Internet connection via USB cable on an iPhone we install iTunes on the PCwe connect the cavo USB Lightning to the computer, we wait a few seconds for the phone to be detected and finally press the network connections icon at the bottom right to verify the presence of the remote connection with the iPhone.

Share the Internet from your phone via Wi-Fi

A much more convenient and effective way to share your phone’s Internet connection is to activate thehotspot Wi-FiAlso known as Tethering Wi-Fi.

Per activate hotspot on android let’s open the app Settingswe press on the menu Personal hotspots and press up on the switch next to the item Personal hotspots to activate the ad hoc Wi-Fi network. If we need to change the network name or the access password, click on Personal hotspot configuration and make the necessary changes.

To activate the hotspot from an iPhone we open the app Settingslet’s get to the menu Cell phonelet’s activate the voice Cellular datawe press down on the item Personal hotspots and we activate the switch next to the voe Allow others to log in. In this case the network name is identical to the name assigned to the iPhone but we can change the password by pressing on the item Password Wi-Fi.

Share the Internet from your phone via Bluetooth

The last method we can use to share the Internet from the phone involves the use of the Bluetooth connection, a good backup system in case we do not have the USB cable available and we want to avoid the use of the hotspot. Obviously we assume that on the PC there is a module for the Bluetooth connection.

Per share the connection via Bluetooth on an Android phone let’s open the app Settingslet’s get to the menu Bluetooth and turn on the switch next to the item Bluetooth. After activation, let’s go to the PC, turn on the Bluetooth from the app Settings or from the control center at the bottom right (on Windows 11 and Windows 10), press the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right, press the button Add device and we select Bluetooth to start searching for the phone.

As soon as the phone is detected, press on its name, confirm the safety messages and wait for the installation of the additional drivers; at the end all we have to do is press the network icon at the bottom right and select the Bluetooth remote connection to start surfing immediately.

If we have an iPhone the steps are very similar, only the keys to press on the phone change: to start the Bluetooth connection on the iPhone we open the app Settings, press on Bluetooth and press the switch next to the Bluetooth item to turn on the connection. Now let’s follow the same steps we saw earlier to add the iPhone as a Bluetooth device and start surfing the Internet via remote connection.


Sharing your phone’s Internet connection is all in all very simple and you can also choose the best method according to your needs and the scenario of use that we are facing. The fastest and most practical method is undoubtedly the Wi-Fi hotspot, which does not require additional drivers and also allows you to connect other network devices (in addition to PCs); if instead we just want to connect the computer to the Internet we can use both the USB cable connection and the Bluetooth connection.

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