You can divide the cost of a Netflix subscription by sharing a single account in 2 or even 4 by paying half or a quarter

Netflix subscription Netflix is ​​the best service for stream movies and TV seriesalso given the high audio and video quality offered by the contents, in particular if we activate the more expensive subscription (which unlocks 4K with HDR, a quality unthinkable for a stream streaming via the Internet).

Netflix subscription costs range from € 7.99 to € 17.99 per month, based on the quality we want to achieve and the number of devices on which we want to enable simultaneous viewing. If the cheapest subscription (SD resolution and only one connected device) may be a good choice for those who want to stream content without thinking about quality, the most expensive subscription (4K HDR and up to 4 devices at the same time) carries the expense. monthly at € 18, an amount that can also be shared with friends or relatives using the devices enabled for simultaneous viewing.

In the guide that follows we will show you how to share the same Netflix subscription among friends to pay lesspaying attention to some simple rules, since Netflix has now totally changed its strategy and will do everything to prevent the account from being shared outside the home.

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How to create a shared Netflix account

To create a shared account between several people we will have to use an email address, perhaps choosing the email address of the group administrator (who will take care of collecting the necessary money and paying the Netflix subscription regularly) or creating a new email for the purpose; to be on the safe side we recommend that you create one new Gmail mailboxto be used only for shared Netflix.

After creating the mail account let’s go to the Netflix siteinsert the email address in the field in the center of the page then press the button It begins.
Home Netflix In the new screen that will appear, we choose the most expensive subscription and provide a valid payment method to be associated with the new account. The group admin can use both a PayPal account for the purpose and one prepaid card (such as a PostePay), taking care of do not use payment methods already associated with other Netflix accounts (also used in the past at least once).

After activating our subscription to Netflix let’s go to the menu Manage Profiles on the start screen or on the Netflix website (from the menu at the top right), so as to create profiles for all participants in the group (given the limitations of the more expensive subscription the group will consist of 3 people plus the administrator). The creation of Netflix profiles is essential, so that each participant in the group will have their favorites and their previously viewed content associated with their profile.

To conclude the administrator will have to provide Netflix email address and password to all users participating in subscription sharing, so that everyone can access their profile and see the content they prefer. We also avoid sharing the password of the email address used for the shared account: it is essential to change the security settings on Netflix (such as the access password) and will prevent the smart ones from taking advantage of it.

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How to share your subscription with strangers

In addition to sharing the Netflix account with friends and relatives, it is possible to share the account with complete strangers, using a dedicated service such as Together Price.
Together Price Together Price offers a management platform for shared accounts and at the cost of only € 4 per month, allows you to access the most expensive subscription on Netflix by sharing the expense with other passionate people. The money will be managed directly by the platform and the security system will protect users from scams.

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If € 18 a month to watch Netflix in 4K HDR is too much, we can choose a less expensive subscription or share the expense with friends and relatives, creating a dedicated account with an email address and password shared among all group members (which will obviously have to divide the expense into equal parts).

Unfortunately in recent years Netflix has started a real blocking campaign towards account sharing (after having spent the first years of the service life tolerating this practice), integrating IP and access control systems and blocking accounts suspected of being shared among multiple users. Against this type of block we can not do anything, since Netflix only tries to protect its earnings (in the last period decreased due to account sharing as well as price hikes).

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