share screen zoomScreen sharing can be a key operation in Zoom conference calls. In many situations, it is vital to be able to show exactly what we are talking about and show others what we see on the screen of our PC or tablet/smartphone. Screen sharing on Zoom, however, cannot always be done, because it depends on whether the person who is organizing the meeting allows participants to show their PC screen, i.e. that it is enabled for Zoom’s Whiteboard function.

So let’s see how to do it on PC, iPhone, iPad, and on Android smartphone or tablet, how to allow more people to share their screen simultaneously in Zoom, and how to use the Blackboard or Whiteboard function.

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Enable screen sharing and whiteboard in Zoom

Whoever organizes the meeting must allow participants to share their screen in Zoom, otherwise, it will not be possible to do so and it will not be possible to use the whiteboard either.

After you have created and started the meeting, if you are using the program Zoom on Windows, Mac on Linux, press the options button Safety (Security) and then on Share Screen (Share Screen).

Su iPhone, iPad e Android, you have to press the menu button with three dots and then go to Security to find the option that allows screen sharing for participants.

From now on, all participants in the Zoom video meeting can share what they see on their PC, tablet, or phone.

Whoever organized the meeting on Zoom can also allow multiple people to share their screen at the same time. Just press the button Share screen (Share Screen) below to see two options, one that allows only one person to share the screen at a time, one that allows simultaneous sharing to multiple participants.

Share the screen in Zoom or use the Whiteboard

Once the administrator has enabled the feature, the participants in the Zoom video conference can press the green screen sharing button to choose what to show to others, whether the whole screen or a window.

During a meeting, you can share a full desktop screen or phone screen, one or more specific applications, a browser tab, a part of your screen, the whiteboard, which allows you to draw and write so that others can see, live, what we want to show or even a video saved on PC or phone or even shooting from a second camera. This type of content is found by going to the Advanced tab after pressing the button Share Screen. At the bottom of the same window, there is also an option to let others listen to the sounds played by the computer (to share music for example).

The Zoom whiteboard opens into an empty white space, with a toolbar at the top of the screen that contains all the drawing and annotation tools. The interesting thing about the whiteboard on Zoom is that even multiple participants can participate at the same time. The whiteboard works great as a collaborative tool, and assistants can press and draw or annotate over it by tapping the options button or pencil.

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