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How to sort by date in Excel

Sort by date are Excel It allows you to look at spreadsheets much more clearly. Especially in the case where the file is full of rows and columnswhich need to be positioned based on a time criterion.

Exist diverse procedure which allow you to sort by date on Excel. It is still necessary to complete the operation prepare the information nelle the one correctly and consistently.

In the end there are no substantial differences between the different formsin Excel. The steps to follow are therefore roughly the same, regardless of whether you use Excel on Windows o macOS. And the same goes for the Excel online web version and for the mobile apps available on Android e iOS.

  • 1. How to sort by date in Excel with the Ribbon

    There are various processes that allow you to sort and filter datawithin Excel. The important thing is to start from a spreadsheet containing all the necessary information to complete the operation.

    In this case the essential element is the date, but not only. It is also essential that the dates are all written and formatted following a unique criterion. From this point of view there are no defined rules.

    At the same time the more effective formatting to be able to sort by date in Excel is the following: GG/MM/AAAA. This means writing in numbers the day and the month of reference, using two digits for each item: therefore inserting a value of type “01” and not of type “1”. Then you have to write the number of the year using four digits: therefore inserting a value of the type “2023” and not of the type “23”.

    It is also important that i date values are all positioned within the same column. Another assumption that simplifies sorting by date considerably, reducing it to a couple of clicks. Alternatively it is also possible transpose the order of the spreadsheet from rows to columns.

    The quickest way to sort by date is to bring the mouse cursor on the menu item named Home. And then, inside the ribbonon the name entry Sort and filter. It may be necessary to ensure that you see this entry extend the Excel window across the entire screen.

    From here you can select the named entry Sort from newest to oldest. Or alternatively select the entry named Sort from oldest to newest. Voice names may vary depending on thesoftware and operating system updates in uso.

    In this sense the arrangement named AZ indicates the ordering from most recent to least recent. While the arrangement named ZA indicates the ordering from least recent to most recent. If Excel does not read this kind of command, it is possible try the other processes to sort by datedescribed in the following paragraphs.

  • 2. How to sort by date in Excel with the cell format

    It can happen that Excel is unable to apply the sort function on a column containing dates. In most cases the reason behind this apparent malfunction is one incorrect data formatting.

    The quickest way to check the cells in question is to select the entire column in which they are inserted. On Excel the vertical columns are represented by alphabetical letterswhile the horizontal lines are represented by numbers.

    Once you have selected the column you have to do it right-click with the mouse and choose the name option Cell format. A new window will open, in which you can observe different values ​​relating to the selected cells.

    Care must be taken that the value linked to name card Numbers and that expressly linked to Data. Otherwise you can apply the new typology of value. Remembering to apply it to one formatting specification, passing through the window named Type.

    At this point it is possible to return to function named Sort and Filter from the ribbon linked to the entry of menu called Home. This means selecting an item of your choice from the AZ disposition and the ZA arrangement, following the procedure already described in the previous paragraphs. Without forgetting that it is also possible to opt for a advanced filter.

    After sorting by date, Excel will ask if Expand the selection or if you envy Continue with current selection. The first option also applies sorting to adjacent columns. The second makes the modification effective only on the highlighted cells previously.

  • 3. How to sort by date in Excel with a mathematical formula

    The Excel Ribbon It’s not the only way to sort by date. Alternatively it is also possible to go through the so-called Excel functions: math formulas with which to ask the software complex tasks of various kinds.

    To get started launch an Excel function you just need to start writing inside a cell, starting from the “=” character. The matrix to insert is the following: =DATA.SORT.BY.

    This formula allows you to copy sorted data and insert it into cells formatted by date. Once the matrix has been entered, the first thing to do to enable the function is select the data range: that is, the selection of cells you are working on.

    Once you have selected the interval you need to insert the character “;” within the formula. Thus we move on to the next phase selection of the vertical reference column: that is, the one that contains the dates.

    At this point all that remains is insert the character “)” e click the Enter button of the keyboard. Sorting by date will be done using the formatting with simple numbers.

    But the user always has the option to select column e again switch to date formatting through the right mouse button and the name entry Celle in format. Following a procedure already described in the previous paragraphs.

    Finally it will be possible to return to ribbon of the menu item Home above. And to choice between AZ sorting or ZA sortingbased on your very personal needs.

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