How to speed up the Internet connection: expert tricks

Instructions and tricks hidden by computer experts to optimize the internet connection on Windows without using programs

Fast Internet
There is nothing worse than having a computer that, despite the Wi-Fi signal at its maximum, surfs slowly or has constant buffering while playing a video or streaming online stream.
If we too are victims of the “slow connection PC”, in this guide (which is a general summary) we will illustrate you all the really effective tricks to speed up the Internet connection, acting both on some hidden parameters present within the Windows operating system (on which we will have to act with caution) and using some tricks for browsers, so as to speed up the loading of pages, downloading new files and loading videos streaming, obtaining an increase in performance even on not particularly fast lines (such as ADSL lines, now old and outdated by FTTC and FTTH).READ ALSO: Programs to keep the network and internet fast

How to speed up the Internet on PC

Some of these tricks can give concrete results but also have several related risks (even if calculated). If we decide to proceed then it is essential that the System Restore and immediately carry out a backup of all personal data. After each modification, it is advisable to delete all the browser history (including images, cookies and cache), so as to be able to ascertain the speed increase in navigation. Most of these tricks will not increase the maximum speed of the Internet line (linked to our type of contract and the type of line we use), but will allow us to make the most of it without slowing down (even a 200 Mega can be “slow” if web pages open without optimizations).
Obviously the site does not assume any responsibility for data loss, damage or for problems deriving from the improper use of the commands and tools indicated: continue reading at your own risk!

Speed ​​up your browser

If we use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser on our PC, we can speed it up by following the advice in the article on how speed up Firefox for PC
Firefox settings

In another article, however, the guide for Speed ​​up Google Chrome.
For a general discussion, we wrote how to surf the Internet faster and how to download quickly from the Internet.

Speed ​​up the TCP connection

If we use Edge or Chrome as a web browser or want to further enhance the connection even with the “modified” Firefox, we recommend using the SG TCP Optimizer tool, compatible with all versions of Windows (including Windows 10).
TCP Optimizer

By opening the program, selecting our network connection (in the section Network Adapter selection) and moving the speed indicator (in the section Connection Speed), we can vary the parameters of the TCP protocol of our operating system to make faster connections and open Web pages with unique performances. Once you have set the items seen a little while ago, put the check mark on the item at the bottom Optimal, then press the button Apply changes to make the changes effective.
The next time you restart Windows we will have a faster Internet connection with any web browser used; using Mozilla Firefox already “rigged” we should obtain performance so fast that some web servers may refuse to open the web page (we are too fast or better we require too many TCP connections for a single source): if such an error occurs, we remove the settings changed in Firefox and we only use the changes obtained with TCP Optimizer.
In another article we talked to you in depth about how to configure TCP Optimizer or other similar tools; driving is like Optimize your ADSL internet connection and the TCP / IP network for faster surfing, with other useful tips for speeding up loading web pages and buffering from streaming sites.

Tricks to change connection parameters for experts

If you are dissatisfied with the speed of your Internet connection and we want to proceed with a trick from computer experts (which are still to be verified on your computer), we avoid using the advice expressed so far and rely exclusively on PowerShell, an enhanced version of the old prompt of the commands usable on Windows 10 to obtain an increase in performance on connections using the TCP compound.

TCP compound

Network connections normally initiate the transfer of data by sending small blocks and then gradually increase the size of the transferred data. Compound TCP (CTCP) is an algorithm, introduced in Windows Vista and also implemented in Windows 10, designed to aggressively regulate the reception and sending of data, eliminating TCP congestion to optimize network bandwidth and eliminate delays when loading Web pages and when downloading data in general.
TCP Compound is disabled by default in Windows 10, but you can enable it from there improve network performance.

How to activate TCP Compound
To activate the TCP compound on Windows 10 we open the Start menu in the lower left and search Windows PowerShell, the new command line. Without opening it, press the right button on its icon and press up Run as administrator, so as to have the necessary permissions to make changes to the system.

Once the new window is open we will be able to launch a single command, containing all the settings necessary to modify the TCP parameters to obtain a fast connection we can very well copy it from here below directly into PowerShell):

  • Set-NetTCPSetting -SettingName Custom -CongestionProvider CTCP -InitialCongestionWindowMss 6 -AutoTuningLevelLocal Experimental -InitialRtoMs 300

Inserted this command we press the key enter or Submit on the keyboard to save the changes; we just have to restart Windows 10 to make the speed increase effective.

Direct Cache Access (DCA)

Windows 7 introduced the Direct Cache Access (DCA) (in Windows 10 this option can still be activated but is deprecated) which reduces the consumption of system resources by allowing the network controller to transfer data directly into a CPU cache (if the system supports it). This DCA is also disabled by default as Microsoft does not guarantee that it will work on every computer (always remember that two PCs are never identical, even if made with the same pieces). For activate DCA run this command in the dos prompt:
netsh int tcp set global dca = enabled
To deactivate it, simply re-enter the command by changing enabled with disabled.

Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN functionality)

You can use the same tool to activate Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN), a technology that helps the system to combat network congestion without losing packets of data. I repeat again, if when downloading large files the download speed is high and remains constant, it means that everything is fine and it is absolutely not convenient to perform these operations.
In this case, if the system supports it, run the command:
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability = enabled
With = disabled you disable this feature while with = default you return to the default setting (which should be with ECN disabled).
Even after this change, check the connection to see if the internet is going faster.

Other parameters of netsh int tcp set

In Windows 10 you can check the status of the parameters of the TCP internet connection using the command:
netsh interface tcp show global
Among these it is important that the parameters are active Quick opening (TCP Fast Open) Quick opening fallback, HyStart (to avoid congestion without heavy packet losses).
Instead, we may decide to disable the autotuninglevel parameter (Automatic reception window adjustment level), as explained in the guide on how to disable the Options that limit internet bandwidth, where the need to disable the Windows QoS service is also reported.

Registry keys

There are many settings related to the configuration of the network connection in the Registry.
From the DOS command prompt, launch regedit to open the registry key editor and continue with the instructions for increase network speed by changing registry keys like changing the parameter DefaultTTL is MaxUserPort .
In another guide, we see optimizing our computer by computer experts for video games, to have Faster connection and reduce network latency and ping (connection time) changing the value NetworkThrottlingIndex, TcpAckFrequency is tcpNoDelay (Nagle’s algorithm).
Other interesting tricks are found by opening the registry on the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet services LanmanServer Parameters where you can add some values ​​(on the right side) to make some interesting changes.

– Windows chokes traffic on networks with high latencies (delays).
To disable this feature, create a new DWORD value called “Disable Bandwidth Throttling“giving it a value of 1.
– The Windows system keeps a diagnostic tool on the TCP network protocol (see details).
To disable this diagnostics, create a DWORD value, give as a name EnableWsd and set it to 0.
– A PC caches data on the files and folders that are accessed.
Increasing the cache size causes more RAM usage but can reduce network traffic and improve connection speed.
Then add the following DWORD values: FileInfoCacheEntriesMax , DirectoryCacheEntriesMax is FileNotFoundCacheEntriesMax , setting them to values ​​above the default values ​​(respectively 64, 16 and 128).
– Change host priority resolution to increase DNS / hostname resolution priority over default values.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip ServiceProvider
LocalPriority = 4 (DWORD, default 499, recommended 4)
HostPriority = 5 (DWORD, default 500, recommended 5)
DnsPriority = 6 (DWORD, default 2000, recommended 6)
NetbtPriority = 7 (DWORD, default 2001, recommended 7)

Other guides

After applying all the tricks seen in the guide we try to navigate and check the effectiveness on our Internet connection: in many cases it will seem to go at a speed twice or triple than before (although we have the same download speed, as ascertained by a speedtest site like

We then saw how to improve internet speed in Windows 10.
We also saw how convenient it is to activate QoS (Quality of service) on the router to enhance the internet, especially useful for improving the quality of streaming video services.
Generally speaking, we have seen tricks to improve the quality of your internet connection.

If our Android smartphone is slowing down, we can act on the slow Internet connection by reading our article on App to speed up the internet on Android.


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