How to switch from old iPhone to new

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As good fans of Apple technology we have proceeded to buy the latest iPhone model without taking into account all the data, apps, and settings we still have on the old iPhone.
Fortunately, Apple has simplified the procedure as much as possible transfer an account from one device to another, so that in a few simple steps it will be possible to start from where we left off, without losing even a photo, a document, a video and an app (including WhatsApp chats and other messaging apps).
Let’s see together in this guide how to switch from old iPhone to new iPhone using the Get Started tool or one of Apple’s other “handover” methods.

How to switch from old iPhone to new

Apple provides the Get Started tool to quickly set up your new iPhone from the old one: it’s the fastest and most practical tool to get started with your new device right away. In addition, to Get Started, you can switch to the new iPhone by configuring the reset via wireless or data cable.

How to use Get started now

To use the fastest transfer procedure we have the old iPhone at hand (switched on and ready to go with Bluetooth enabled), then we turn on the new iPhone and bring it close to the old one (less than 2 centimeters from each other ).
After a few seconds, we will see a confirmation window for the Apple account to be used appear on the old device; we check that it is the right account then press on Keep it going.
Start now

A three-dimensional QR code will appear on the new device, which we will have to scan with the camera of the old iPhone by lifting it above it; let’s make sure we frame the code well, so we can establish a fast connection.
After the connection we press (on the old device) on the item Continue on the new, let’s now take the new iPhone, enter the unlock code of our old device and select the item Download from iCloud.
In the following screens, we will be able to configure Face ID or Touch ID, we will be asked again for the password of the Apple ID account and we will finally be able to restore apps, data, and settings from the most recent iCloud backup.
At the end of the procedure, we will also be able to choose whether to restore the settings relating to location, privacy, Apple Pay and Siri, so that we can immediately start using the new iPhone.
This procedure is fast enough but a lot also depends on the Wi-Fi network that we decide to take advantage of when restoring from the iCloud backup (we recommend a very fast Wi-Fi network, so as to reduce the transition time to less than 20 minutes).

How to use iPhone migration

The previous method allows you to use the data already saved in the iCloud backup but if the backup is very old, we can use the iPhone migration tool to immediately pass all the data from one phone to another, using a wireless connection or a dedicated cable.
To proceed, we repeat all the steps already seen above, holding the two phones close together and scanning the three-dimensional QR code, and, as soon as the window for choosing the mode appears, this time select the item Transfer from iPhone.
IPhone migration

Let’s make sure both iPhones are connected to the same wireless network (possibly one 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, faster and more stable), we stay close to the modem, we choose the data to restore then we wait for the end of the process (with a fast network no more than 5-10 minutes).
Alternatively, we can also connect the two iPhones via an adapter and a Lightning cable; both can be found on Amazon at the following links.

  • Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter (42 €)
  • Apple Cable from Lightning to USB (21 €)

After connecting the two iPhones via cable and adapter, repeat the steps above and select Transfer from iPhone when prompted; the symbol of the connection between the two devices will appear at the top and we will finally be able to transfer all our data (but also accounts, apps, and settings) in a safe and effective way (in less than 5 minutes).

How to transfer other files between the two iPhones

The systems seen above allow you to transfer apps, personal data, and settings, but some important documents or collections of music and videos that we absolutely do not want to lose may be missing. In this case, the best way to transfer other files between the two iPhones is to use the feature AirDrop.
To proceed, open the File app on the old iPhone immediately after configuring everything (as seen in the previous chapters), go to the folder to be transferred, press and hold on a folder or file, select the item Share then we press on AirDrop.

We keep the two iPhones close together and, as soon as the name of the new iPhone appears, we press on it to start the transfer.
To learn how to use this powerful sharing tool, we can also read our guide How to use AirDrop on iPhone.


Switching from an old iPhone to the new one is really a breeze and, even if we are not great technology experts, just follow all the steps described to the letter to be able to transfer all the data, apps, and settings from one device to the more, with the usual user experience offered by all Apple products.

Do we have an Android smartphone and want to switch to an iPhone? Just follow the suggestions proposed in our guides Switch from Android to iPhone and transfer all data is Transfer contacts and numbers from Android to iPhone.
If instead, we are looking for an alternative to AirDrop to move files and folders between two smartphones (not necessarily both iPhones), we recommend you read our article on how Transfer files to the Whatsapp and Telegram cloud.

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