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When you are tagged in a photo, the tag not only reveals the name of a person in the photo, but also the link to the Facebook profile. If the tag is done right and placed on the face, anyone with access to the photo can know who that person is and learn more. This can be fun, but it also raises privacy concerns.This article provides an overview of how to “tag” and how is it possible check tags to protect your privacy on Facebookso as to decide how to block the tag in the photos (which will be able to show the tag only if we approve it).

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How to manage tags on Facebook

Every time you are tagged in a friend’s photo, you receive a recommendation and the friend’s photo also appears in your personal album. So the tag is a nice way to keep your photos organized even if they were taken by other friends. Today, therefore, to exchange photos, you don’t even need to send them, you just need to upload them to Facebook and write the names of the people involved.

An important thing to know is that you can tag anyone’s photos and vice versa. For example, it is possible to put the label on the faces of the people who are in a photo or add a comment or even mark the place where the photo was taken, as seen in the guide for create the geographic map of Facebook photos with personal places). You can add tags or labels both on your own photos and on those uploaded by other friends.

How to add a tag

To add a tag we open the photo, click on the button Tag the photo and then on a point of the image to write the name. Facebook will show the list of friends helping the recognition. At the end we press on Enter and check if the tag is immediately visible.

When you tag people who are not friends (and vice versa), they will be notified and asked to approve the tag. If you tag a person who is not present on Facebook, the label is added the same even if it is not clickable because it is not associated with a profile.

If we tag one of our friends they will receive a notification of the tag. Depending on your friends’ privacy settings, the photo may automatically be published in the diary of the person marked or it may appear in the log for review. In any case, the name will be associated with the added tag, even if it is not revised.

How to control the addition of tags

On Facebook or we can at any time tag protection so that you can approve the photos you are tagged in (approval is off by default).
Tag control If you do not like a photo or if it is a wrong tag or if you simply do not want to publish this image in your photo album and diary, you can ignore the label and pretend nothing has happened.

To activate the tag review, open our Facebook profile, press the arrowhead icon at the top right, press on Settings and finally open the menu Profile and tagging. Now all we have to do is activate the switches next to the items Check the posts they tag you in before the post appears on your profile e Want to check the tags people add to your posts before the tags show up on Facebook?

For even better privacy, it is best to set all items on this screen to Friendsso that the operations related to the tags and the vision of the tags in which we are added are visible only to our friends.

Remove the tags

On Facebook it is possible remove tags from photos, both their own and those of friends. To remove a tag we open the photo in question, press on the three dots at the top right of the post then choose the item Remove tag. In the simple removal request, you can send the request to also delete the photo or to block that user forever.

Among the options in the remove a tag window, you can also report who posted the photo for harassment, spam or hacking. Depending on the choice made in these options, Facebook may decide to delete the photo if it finds irregularities.


On the one hand, tags can be invasive of privacy, but on the other hand, they can also be a convenient way of grouping all the photos in which your face appears. It is also possible, from the Facebook settings, to download all the photos in which there is your name.

Fortunately, applications that, until a few years ago, automatically tagged people into images that had nothing to do with it, just to attract attention, were blocked. Unfortunately, it has remained the fashion to send greetings, for example at Christmas, by marking the names of all friends in images such as Christmas trees or the like. With tag checking this problem is easily avoided.

For those who want to become a Facebook expert I recommend reading the guides on how use and search for Hashtags on Facebook and what the hash sign means and how create Facebook events and invite friends.


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