How to track packages from China, USA or other countries

If we are waiting for a package from China, the USA or other countries and we don’t know how to track it, we discover the best sites and apps.

International shipping More and more products are shipped from China or other foreign countries when we buy on Amazon or eBay, without forgetting the sites specializing in the sale of Chinese products such as Wish and AliExpress. If at the time of purchase we choose the tracked shipment we will get a very different tracking code than those obtainable from Italian couriers since they can hardly be tracked on the sites we are used to using on the Italian territory.In this guide we will show you how track parcels from abroad and especially from China, directing you lost websites able to track any international shipment. In this way we will be able to understand where our package is even in the case of very long and laborious shipments, find out if he has arrived in Italy and if he has been blocked by customs on the way.

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1) 17TRACK


One of the best sites we can use to track packages from China or any other foreign country is 17TRACK. To use it, simply enter the tracking code in the text field on the site (we can also enter more than one code, each line will be worth as a separate shipment) and when ready just click on the button Trace.

In a few seconds the site will show us the progress of the shipment, also based on the code provided (the site will also translate any errors or outcomes into a foreign language for us). Currently the site supports over 20,000 international and domestic couriers and monitors over 220 countries, so it is extremely difficult that it cannot trace the code we have provided (if so, most likely the package is not yet entered in the courier’s computer system or is not traceable).

If we want to monitor our shipments also from smartphones 17TRACK is available as a dedicated app for Android and iPhone / iPad.

Also in this case it is very simple to track a foreign shipment: enter the code in the field offered by the app (up to 40 shipments), and confirm by clicking on the button Trace. The app will allow us to track our shipments from China or any other country at any time; if we also wish to receive notifications for each status change, we will have to register a free account at the site (we can use both the email and the Google or Facebook accounts for the purpose, to speed up registration).

2) Track Chinapost

Track Chinapost

If your parcel is among those sent with cheap couriers or with the Chinese postal system, it can be very useful to enter the tracking code on the site Track Chinapost.

To track our package, simply enter the code in the field Enter tracking number then click the button Track Parcel to start the shipment search. After a few seconds we will have a response (in English) about our shipment, so we can understand when we have to wait a little longer and if the package has already left the Chinese territory.

3) Packlink


Another very convenient service for tracking shipments from China, with an interface in Italian, is Packlink. Tracking your package is extremely simple with this site: just click on the Shipping Tracking tab, enter the tracking code provided by the Chinese seller or courier who took charge of our order, then click the Search button.

The site specializes in tracking Chinese parcels, thus acting as a sort of “translation filter” to be able to read the results of shipments communicated on specialized Chinese sites.

4) Parcels


Among the best services to track parcels from China, USA or other countries we certainly find Parcels. With this service in Italian we can track international packages arriving from the United States and China simply by entering the tracking code in the text field and pressing on Research.

Tracking codes provided by the following e-commerce sites and couriers are currently supported: Joom, AliExpress, Yun Express, China Post Small Packet, Amazon Logistics, eBay and all couriers in Italy, Europe and the United States.

In addition to the site, you can also use the app per Android to track parcels on the go.

5) Sites of international and national couriers

In addition to the sites we have reported so far, it can be very useful to track directly from the sites of international couriers, so as to obtain direct information from who is handling our package. If the courier’s name is known, simply enter the tracking code on one of the sites in the following list:

  • UPS
  • EMS
  • China EMS
  • China Airmail
  • China Post ePacket
  • FedEx
  • Royal Mail

To these we can also add the Italian couriers, who can take charge of the package in some circumstances once cleared through customs. The sites to track international shipments managed by our local couriers are the following:

  • Italian post
  • BRT (Bartolini)
  • SDA
  • GLS
  • TNT

Do we want to use apps to track national and international shipments? In this case, I refer you to reading our guide at app to track shipments from Amazon, Poste, SDA, BRT and others.


When we decide to track an international shipment, it is advisable to keep in mind that some types of shipment (fast or cheap) may not provide any type of code: in these cases we cannot use the services indicated in this guide to track shipments, but wait patiently for them the package arrives at our home (hoping it won’t get lost in the meantime!).

For this we always recommend spend some extra cash and choose, if possible, always the tracked shipping even when we buy from abroad so you can always know where our package is with one of the services seen above.

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