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By connecting the smartphone to the computer it will behave like a normal USB pen drive and from any computer, it is possible to explore files by opening them in a folder and, using the usual drag and drop with the mouse, we can also copy a document or any file from the PC to the phone. I am anyway much more convenient ways to quickly transfer documents from your PC to your smartphone, using some free applications and connecting via Wi-Fi connection, without even having to use the USB cable (which in fact becomes useless for data transfer, it is convenient to keep it only for charging the phone!).
In this guide, we will therefore show you all methods and apps to transfer documents from PC to smartphone, without having to use the supplied cable.READ ALSO: Transfer even large files from PC to a smartphone in Wifi

Upload documents from PC to smartphone

For this guide, we will show you what, in our opinion, are the best apps to transfer documents from your computer to your smartphone, both if we have an Android phone in our hands and if we have an iPhone. The only prerequisite is the connection of all devices (PC and smartphone) to the same Wi-Fi network so that they can see each other and exchange data.


One of the best apps for transferring files and documents via Wi-Fi from PC to phone is AirMore, available free for Android and iPhone.

Once the app is installed on our mobile device, we open any web browser on our PC, visit the AirMore Web page and scan the QR code with the app just installed on the smartphone; we will get a complete control interface, with which we can manage every aspect of our wireless telephone. To transfer documents from the PC we have to do is open the entry Documents (present in the web interface), click on It matters, and select the files or folder to add to our smartphone.


A good alternative to AirMore is an app with a very similar name: AirDroid, also available for Android and iPhone, of which I have already spoken several times, to manage the Android phone from a PC.

By installing the app on our phone and visiting the web page dedicated to the connection, simply scan the QR code present in it to make the wireless connection. To transfer personal files and documents, click on the icon File, let’s go to the phone folder where we want to save the contents and press on Charge to choose which files to transfer.


Still, on the subject of apps with which to transfer documents from PC to smartphone, we can try the app Portal, available free for Android.

As already seen for the other apps, simply scan the QR code on the Portal web page and choose which files or folders to transfer, even by simply dragging the content onto the web page.


If we are looking for a service that can send any file to any device, even two-way (both receive and send), we recommend that you try the app SendAnywhere, available for Android and iPhone, and can be associated with the PC via the dedicated website.

By associating all our devices to the app (via numeric codes and QR codes) we can quickly send any type of file (documents, photos, videos, music, etc.) without space limits and, most importantly, without the devices being necessarily under the same Wi-Fi network. The system is also useful for exchanging large files with our friends and colleagues quickly and easily.

Solid Explorer

If we want to access the smartphone folders from the PC without using the USB cable, it is better to use a file manager such as Solid Explorer, available free for Android.
Solid Explorer

Once the app is installed, press the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top left, scroll until you find the FTP Server item then press on Start. After activation, let’s go to the PC with Windows 10, open File Explorer from the Start menu, we open the section This PC from the left side of the window and click with the right button in a free point, so that we can press on Add network path. In the new window, we insert the FTP address seen within the app, choose a name and confirm; we will thus have quick access to the internal folders of our smartphone so that we can quickly transfer any file.

Other apps to quickly transfer files

In addition to the services seen above, we can take advantage of one of the apps in the following list to quickly transfer documents from the PC to the smartphone:

  • Google Drive: In every Android mobile phone there should be the Google Drive app which can be used effectively to transfer files from PC to mobile and vice versa via the internet, without the need to create any connection between computer and phone. To send the file from Android, for example, a photo or a document, just open it and then use the share button to upload it to Google Drive. To send the file from a PC, on the other hand, you just need to open the Google Drive site and upload the file which can then be re-downloaded on the phone via the Google Drive application. This type of approach also works great with other apps like Dropbox or Onedrive.
  • Sweech (Android): Sweech is an interesting and very recent application that allows you to transfer files via a direct connection between devices and also through a QR code.
  • Super sharing (Android): another very useful app for receiving and sending files via Wi-Fi network, associating the various devices, and using a single control interface.
  • File Manager: as seen above, the File Manager apps are also useful for this purpose, since they make a direct connection to the SMB service, which is that of Windows file sharing. To learn about other file managers with folder sharing, please read our guide Best Android File Manager to manage phone files and folders.
  • BlueTooth: it is also possible, as explained in another guide, Transfer files via Bluetooth from Android to Windows 10 PC, without using external software.


With the methods seen above, we will be able to transfer documents from PC to smartphone using only the phone’s Wi-Fi network, without ever connecting the USB cable (which is always a valid method if we have the cable at hand). The transfer speed is not as fast as the USB cable, but we can get better results using 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections.

Still, on the subject, we can learn more by reading our guides on how Transfer files between Android phones (via Bluetooth or wifi) are Programs to manage Android from PC and transfer data (via wifi or USB).


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