Here’s a simple way to instantly add the features of the Moment 3 update package to Windows 11.

In addition to the quality updates i.e. the security patches that Microsoft publishes every second Tuesday of the month, once a year the Redmond company releases a feature update called feature update. In the case of Windows 11with the specific intention of reducing the time between the availability of a new operating system feature and its actual availability for end users, Microsoft has decided to introduce packages Moments distributed on a quarterly basis.

Updating Windows 11, as we have seen in the dedicated article, can appear very different, for example, compared to what happened with previous versions of the operating system.

The Windows 11 new features added with packages MomentsFurthermore, they are inserted “behind the scenes” with the normal monthly updates but are not activated. When Microsoft believes that the feature additions are mature enough, then they are enabled with the release of a Moment package. These updates, also conveyed through Windows Updateare therefore nothing more than “enabling packages” of very small dimensions (demonstrating that the functionalities are already present – deactivated – at the operating system level).

How to activate the new features of Windows 11 Moment 3

Is called Windows 11 Moment 3 the feature update for the latest Microsoft operating system that will reportedly be released by next summer. To preview the novelty introduced in Windows 11, however, you can proceed as follows:

  • Install all Microsoft updates available through Windows Update.
  • Download the latest version of the Windows customization software ViVeTool.
  • Extract the contents of the ViVeTool compressed archive to the folder C:\ViVeTool.
  • To type cmd in the Windows 11 search box then choose Run as administrator.
  • Issue the following command at the prompt (window with black background): c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:41655236
  • Restart the system or type shutdown /r /t 0 to restart it immediately from the command prompt.

After reboot, try pressing Windows+I, select Personalization then from the left column Application bar and finally Taskbar behaviors. If the box appears as the last option chosen Show seconds in the taskbar clock it means that all the features of Windows 11 Moment 3 have been successfully enabled. The ability to show i seconds in the system tray it is in fact one of the novelties of the new update package for Windows 11.

How to try Windows 11 Moment 3 and what's new

In the following paragraph, we focus instead on what are the main innovations that Windows 11 Moment 3 heralds.

What’s new in Windows 11 Moment 3

With the Windows 11 Moment 3 package, which can be activated in preview on any operating system installation with the procedure described above, support for the generation of subtitles in Europen when playing an audio stream with any application. To activate the new function, just press the key combination Windows+CTRL+L.

The update also introduces avpn status icona small shield, in the system tray: Appears when connected to a recognized VPN profile.

In addition to the ability to view the seconds running down the system clock (usually at the bottom right), Windows 11 Moment 3 adds the shortcuts in the context menu activated from the keyboard by simply clicking on an element in File Explorer then pressing the menu key on your keyboard.

The new multi-app kiosk mode allows the administrator to specify only the apps that can run on a device and even to block or allow individual features of the operating system or installed programs.

For diagnostic purposes, with Windows 11 Moment 3 debuts Live Kernel Memory Dump (LKD) at the Task Manager level. Using LKD, the technician can collect data to troubleshoot a problem while the operating system continues to run—this reduces downtime when it’s time to investigate an unresponsive program or investigate high-impact issues. In the tab Details of the Task Managerthe command debuts Create live kernel memory dump files.

Windows 11 Moment 3 introduces the possibility of regulating the behavior of the system, for example by activating the appearance of a touch or screen keyboard, when the presence of a physical keyboard. Some features that we had already talked about officially make their debut: CABC (Content Adaptive Brightness Control), or the function that adjusts the brightness of the Windows 11 screen based on the content displayed; the support page for USB4 devices; the mechanism for detecting the user’s presence and eventually informing the installed apps; the default behavior of the Print Screen key is changed.

Windows 11 Moment 3 is the bearer of some further innovations but, overall, these are minor updates.


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