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An iPhone or iPad can become great work tools, to stay in touch with colleagues, or to receive important documents wherever we are, often shared in PDF format. Although there is no lack of apps to read PDF documents, it is always advisable to convert them to Word documents where possible, so that you can apply any type of modification and act quickly in case of incomplete drafts or signatures to a multitude of sheets. Just the PDF we will talk in this guide, where we will show you how to turn a PDF into Word on iPhone and iPad.
This operation can be performed free of charge by using apps dedicated to the purpose and online sites, which will allow you to convert files using the Safari browser (integrated on all Apple devices).READ ALSO: Best Free Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone

Turn a PDF into Word on iPhone and iPad

As mentioned in the introduction, it is not necessary to pay large sums of money to turn a PDF into Word on iPhone and iPad: just download one of the free apps that we will show you below or use one of the online services dedicated to conversion, without even paying out one euro.
Before continuing, we recommend that you try these apps only on PDFs that present correctly paged text, graphics, and images: avoid using these tools on PDFs obtained from scans or OCR, as the result will be disappointing (in fact we will not be able to convert anything).


The first app that we recommend you try to convert PDF to Word on iPhone and iPad is easyPDF.

By installing this app on our Apple device we will be able to upload PDF files from any source (internal memory, Gmail, email app, links, iCloud, etc.) and, once loaded, it will be quickly converted into a Word document so that we can edit it with extreme simplicity. At the end of the changes, we will be able to save the file again in PDF (so as to keep the original format in which it was given) and save it in Word document, so as to leave our colleagues or anyone who receives the file the possibility to modify it in turn.

PDF to Word

Another very effective program to turn a PDF into Word on iPhone and iPad is PDF to Word.
PDF to Word

Using this app we can quickly convert any PDF file to Word by uploading from various sources, including many clouds and email services (Gmail, iCloud, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive and Box stand out), also acting on multiple files simultaneously (multiple conversion).
In addition to an advanced conversion tool, the app also offers a camera scan module (to create new PDF or Word from paper documents) and an OCR system, to also attempt to convert from PDFs that contain scan sheets.

Able2Doc PDF to Word

If we are looking for a very light and fast app to be able to convert PDF files to Word documents via iPhone or iPad, we recommend trying the Able2Doc PDF to Word app.
Able2Doc PDF to Word

We will hardly find a faster and simpler app than this: all we have to do is open the PDF file on our iPhone or iPad, press the share button, choose the app and wait for the end of the conversion, which will happen instantly. This app allows you to convert from PDF to the .docx format, which is the most popular document format in the latest versions of Office (from 2013 onwards).
In addition to files imported via sharing, it allows you to convert files by selecting them from Dropbox, OneDrive, and other sources so that you can also quickly convert files stored in the cloud.

Smallpdf (online)

In addition to using apps dedicated to conversion, we can also arm ourselves with the Safari browser and open one of the sites that allow you to transform a PDF into Word, such as Smallpdf.

Once the site is open, all we have to do is press the button Choose file, browse the device’s recent files or use the section Browse, press on the PDF file to be converted and wait for the site to convert.
In the end the new document in Word format (freely editable), will be downloaded from the same browser, so you can immediately act on it and proceed with the necessary changes.

PDF2Doc (online)

Another very effective site that we can use on Safari to quickly convert PDF files to Doc is PDF2Doc.

By opening the site we can load our PDF to convert by pressing the button Upload your files, selecting the item Browse from the menu that will open and choose the file we want to convert.
As already seen on the previous site, all you have to do is wait for the site to convert the file, so that the download of the new file converted into Word format is started (which we can easily modify).

iLovePDF (online)

The last site that we recommend to try on iPhone and iPad to convert documents from PDF to Word is iLovePDF.

As already seen on the sites reviewed so far, all we have to do is press the button Select PDF file in the center of the site, select the PDF file to be edited in the tab Recent or by taking us to the file manager (Browse), select the document to be converted and authorize the site for the actual conversion; the Word file will be downloaded quickly through the same browser.
If the document to be converted is in the cloud or as an attachment in an email, we will first have to download the file to the internal memory of the iPhone and iPad, then proceed with the conversion on the site.


As we have had the opportunity to read the apps and sites at the top to be able to transform a PDF into Word on the iPhone and iPad, there is no choice but to choose whether to operate offline without using the Internet connection (also to obtain greater privacy) or act quickly using one of the Internet sites that offer secure conversion of any PDF file.

If we are looking for PC programs capable of doing the same thing, we refer you to reading our guide to Best programs to convert PDF to Word.
To convert images to PDF files, it can be very useful to read the tips seen in the guide How to convert images to PDF.
To learn about the other methods and apps to be able to edit and compile PDFs on any mobile platform, we recommend reading our article How to edit and compile PDFs from Android and iPhone.


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