MP3 video Before the advent of music streaming services, many users loved to collect the video clips of their favorite singers, creating real personal collections of MP4 files to be viewed on the computer at any time.
Now that everything is available easily on the Internet, this need to download videos to the computer memory has been lost a bit, but for those who wish, we can convert our video clip collection into many comfortable MP3 files, so that we can transfer them to the smartphone and listen to some healthy music without having to use the Internet connection (great for frequent travelers).
In this guide we will show you i best free programs, apps and websites that can turn videos into MP3.
We would like to clarify that all the services used do not allow you to insert links to videos taken on the Internet: we can only convert videos already in our possession (out of respect for copyright laws).

Guide to turn video to MP3

Most of the videos saved on PC will certainly be in MP4 format, but the converters that we will report are able to convert video files to other more famous formats in the past and which have fallen into disuse in recent years, such as AVI and WMV (Windows Medai Video). If the video is in a strange format that we don't know it should still be compatible with the tools listed below; before converting, we recommend checking the video content with VLC, the universal video player, so that you can see what it is and whether it deserves to be converted into an MP3 audio file.

Best programs to turn videos into MP3

If we are looking for a fast and practical program to convert video to MP3, the first one we recommend you to try is MediaHuman Audio Converter, available for free for Windows and Mac.

With this app we can add videos in any format (MP4, AVI, MKV etc.) and, after selecting the format MP3 in the field above, just press the Convert button to start the conversion to audio file. If we want to change the destination folder of the files, just press the drop-down menu at the bottom and choose where to place the new files in the manager.

Alternatively we can also try the Freemake Video Converter program, available for free for Windows.
Freemake Video Converter

This program is also very simple to use: drag the video files into the interface or press the button at the top Video to add them, so we press the button below In MP3, so you can choose the final quality and the folder where to save the new converted audio files.

Best websites to turn videos into MP3

If we want to avoid the use of programs or we cannot install new ones due to the limitations imposed on our account, we recommend that you use conversion websites such as

To load the videos to convert, press the button Select file, we indicate the videos to convert then press on To MP3 as the output format. In a few seconds our video files will be converted to MP3 and downloaded directly from the browser.

As an alternative to this website we can also try the service offered by

The operation is similar to when seen on the previous site: we press the button Browse to select the file or video files to convert, we select MP3 in the field Output format then press the button Convert to start the conversion. After a few seconds the file will be ready and will be downloaded from the browser to the default download folder.

Best apps to turn videos into MP3

Do we have video files to convert to MP3 saved in the memory of our phone or tablet? In this case, we recommend using the MP3 Video Converter app, available for all Android systems.
MP3 Video Converter

This app allows you to load one or more video files within the interface and quickly choose the bitrate and quality of the songs to be converted; when ready just press on Convert to start the conversion process (the speed also depends on the type of device available, the more recent and faster the conversion will be). A feature that many will like is to be able to set a converted file as a phone ringtone, so as to change the sound they all have and stand out.

If we have an iPhone or iPad the best app to try to turn video into MP3 is The Audio Converter.
Apple Converter

This app can be used alone or it can be called by another app, so that we can upload the video in our possession whatever its position. Once loaded just select MP3 and press on the file Convert to start the conversion process (always very fast on all iPhones). The MP3 files generated by the app can be saved in the internal memory of the Apple device or shared via social media or via messaging app.


Among the hundreds of programs, sites and apps available to turn videos into MP3 we have selected those which, in our opinion, are without a doubt the best since they do not present any surprises, do not download viruses and are very fast in conversion, on any device used.

If we want to test some other program to convert video files, we recommend reading our article Best programs to convert videos. If instead we want to test other types of file converters (for documents etc.), we read all the suggestions in our guide File converters for all formats and types, Sites and programs.
Do we have a collection of Audio CDs that we no longer listen to? Let's preserve them by creating a digital version of each song, as seen in the guide Extract music from an audio cd and convert it to mp3 (Cd Ripping).


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