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How to turn Wi-Fi calling on and off on Android

The wifi calls allow smartphones Android to use the home connection to make phone calls and send text messages.

By activating this function, of course, the user will be able to count on a superior sound quality and will be able to use their own telephone also in a zone where there is no field or where cellular networks are not working optimally.

Naturally once the setting is activated, the Android device it will automatically handle that whenever the user is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network and will automatically switch to the cellular network (if needed) without interrupting the call.

In a nutshell, therefore, Wi-Fi calls they work exactly like the normal ones only that the smartphone, when connected to a home network, will prefer to use that rather than the mobile network of its telephone provider

Let’s see how to turn Wi-Fi calling on and off on Android.

  • 1. How to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Android

    Wi-Fi calling can usually be activated by going to Settings Of the device in the relevant section.

    Naturally not all smartphones are compatible and before activating the service, it is advisable to check that your device is supported.

    As is well known on Android devices, the various procedures for activating or deactivating a function can change. Much depends on the brand of the smartphone, other times on the version of the operating system.

    In some cases, type with i Samsung devicesyou need to go to activate Wi-Fi calling on the phone icon and tap on the three dots at the top.

    Here you have to choose the item Settings and then go to Calls/Call Accounts activating the option Wi-Fi calls.

    Generally everything can be managed from the Connections tab in Settings of the smartphone.

  • 2. How to turn off Wi-Fi calling

    Of course, you can set your phone to use the cellular and Wi-Fi networks again. Enough to do it turn off the Wi-Fi calling feature on your Android smartphone and go back to using it as a normal mobile device.

    To disable this setting just go to Settingsselect the tab Wi-Fi and network and inside that YES and rete. By choosing the SIM card in use, the user can decide to deactivate the option for Wi-Fi calls.

    It is good to remember that, as already mentioned, the steps to disable Wi-Fi calling may also be slightly different depending on the phone or the Android version installed.

    Generally also in this case the procedure goes through the settings of the smartphone, but it may be necessary to go inside of the Phone application and disable the feature from the related settings.

  • 3. How Wi-Fi calls work in Europe

    For all those in possession of a high-end Android smartphone capable of supporting Wi-Fi calling, there are some things to know for Europe.

    At the moment not all managers have already activated the service which is only available for TEAM, WINDTRE e Very Mobile (which is still part of WINDTRE).

    For TIM numbers, users can take advantage of Wi-Fi Calling from December 2022 and the cost of the service is linked to the SIM offer. It should be emphasized that to use the functionality you need to use a company ADSL or fiber optic network. Finally, the option is not yet active for business contracts.

    Also for WINDTRE numbers, Wi-Fi Calling has been active since December 2022 and also in this case you must use a fixed WINDTRE network. Management costs vary according to the active offer on your number. The same applies, of course, also to Very Mobile, being part of the WINDTRE group.

  • 4. Downsides of Wi-Fi calling

    It is not correct to talk about negative sides for Android Wi-Fi calls because, actually, the service has only in Europe still some limitations which could unnecessarily complicate the lives of users.

    The first and most obvious is the obligation to use the fixed network of the same operator of the mobile one. It is not obvious that a subscriber, for example to TIM, chooses a different operator for the home line because, perhaps, he has better coverage in his area.

    If on the one hand this decision could guarantee greater consumer protections e higher quality of serviceon the other hand it is rather limiting, especially for those who use Wi-Fi calls outside their home.

    Moreover, in the smaller countries there are a whole series of “minor” managers who take care of spreading the internet where the big companies have not yet arrived. In that case, of course, users will be denied access to Wi-Fi calls.

    Finally, it should be emphasized that for the moment the smartphone Android compatible with Wi-Fi calling they are still few and, despite being continuously updated, it is almost exclusively limited at the top of the range.

    It is expected that by the end of the year also i mid-range devices become compatible with these technologies but, for now, there is still no official confirmation.

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