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How to tweet a photo and how to upload multiple photos to Twitter

Twitter is a social network and microblogging platform launched on the web back in 2006. Textual contents of limited length can be published (maximum 280 characters for those who use Twitter for free, 4,000 for those who are registered with Twitter Blu). You can tweet attach multimedia content, such as single or multiple images, videos, GIFs or a mix of items.

Multimedia content can easily attract the attention of other users registered on the platform, manage to stimulate reactions and interactions. Sharing a photo or more than one image makes it easier to get comments, retweets and shares.

Pictures can be shared both from mobile devicesby accessing Twitter through the official application of the social network, than from desktopby accessing the platform website with your credentials. It only takes a few steps to post a tweet.

  • 1. How to tweet a desktop photo

    To share a photo on Twitter from your desktop, connect to the official website of the platform and log in with the personal account using your credentials. On the home page, click on Tweet or position yourself in the central area of ​​the screen intended for content creation.

    Click on the icon Multimedia content and select, in the screen that appears, select the image you want to share and which is located on the computer you are using. Click on You open.

    Clicking on the image added to the tweet content can be cropped, using pre-established dimensions and alternative text can be added which makes the image more easily identifiable on the web and accessible to a greater number of people, including sighted and visually impaired. It must be one clear and concise description of what appears in the photo.

    If desired, write a text within the tweet to present the contentinsert a hashtag to attract the attention of users potentially interested in viewing the photograph, add tags and tag the location.

    If the image contains content that may offend users’ sensibilities, which contains scenes of violence or nudity, it is good put a notice on the contents.

    If you want to tweet immediately, click Tweet. From the desktop it is possible to schedule the publication of the content by clicking on Plan you can decide the day and time in which to send the tweet created online. click on He confirms to confirm your decision.

  • 2. How to share multiple desktop photos

    It is possible to share more than one photograph in the same tweet, up to a maximum of four images per post. From desktop, after connecting to the official site of Twitter and having logged in with your credentials, click on Tweet or go to the tweet creation area.

    Click on the icon that indicates multimedia content and select, in the window that appears, the images you want to publish and click on You open. If you want to add more, click the icon again Add photosselect the desired file and click You open.

    Edit the photographs individually by clicking on them. You can intervene on the size, insert an alternative text or affix a warning for sensitive content.

    Add, if desired, textual content in the tweet for a maximum of 280 characters, including hashtags, tags to the users present and to the location where the photograph was taken. click on Tweet or, alternatively, schedule the tweet by selecting the date and time of publication and confirming your intentions.

  • 3. How to share a photo from mobile devices

    To share an image from mobile devices, download and install the official application of Twitter and log in with your credentials. On the homepage click the button [+] and select the item Photo. Locate the content on your device that you want to share and click on it.

    Add a comment to the tweet and tag users. Click on the button ALT to add alt text of up to 1000 characters. When finished click on Fine.

    Per edit the image click on the three vertical dots placed next to the image. Choose one of the filters proposed by the application. If you want to change the intensity, click on the filter preview and move the slider to the right or left.

    Using the menu located at the bottom of the screen, it is possible to move and resize the image, apply a sticker or a notice on the contents. When finished editing, click Salva.

    When finished creating content, click Tweet. It will be immediately visible to all users.

  • 4. How to share multiple images from mobile devices

    After logging into Twitter from the mobile app click the button [+]. Select the first photo you want to share. To add the others tap on the icon Add photoslocated at the bottom left. Select the other images and click on add.

    Enter a comment, tag users, edit images if needed, and click Tweet to make the contents immediately visible on social networks.

  • 5. How to capture an image and post it to Twitter from the app

    You can capture a real-time image and post it directly to Twitter if accessed from the mobile app. After logging in, click on the home page [+] and select Photo. Click on the camera image.

    Shoot by tapping the middle button and click Use photos. Complete and post the tweet.

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