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How to unlock iPhone with voice

Unlocking your iPhone with your voice is certainly very convenient: also because voice commands make it unnecessary to memorize a codeor a password. At the same time, however, this functionality risks considerably lower the level of security of your device.

Per activate voice control of the iPhone you have to go through the device settings and the Accessibility item. Activation leads to a background download, which is resolved by the appearance of a new microphone icon in the status bar.

Subsequently it is possible to enter into the merits of the existing voice commandsas is possible create new ones. From the automatic launch of an application to the aforementioned ability to unlock the iPhone with your voice. A solution appreciated above all by users not entirely convinced by the Face ID recognition function.

  • 1. Activate voice control

    Per activate the use of voice commands on iPhone first of all you have to tap on the menu Settings, represented by a gear icon. From here you have to look for the entry named Accessibility and, subsequently, the entry named Voice Control.

    At this point a new window will open and a will appear at the top of the screen name entry Configure voice control. After tapping on this item, you need to tap on the wording of the name Continues and on the wording of the name Done.

    At this point it should start a download in backgroundafter which it will appear a microphone icon in the iPhone status bar. This icon lets the user know whether the voice control function is in use or not.

  • 2. Choose between voice commands

    After activating the voice control function, it is possible to enter into the merits of the various voice commands. THE voice commands are those phrases spoken by the user ordering the device by perform a specific action. For example, unlock the iPhone with your voice, but also send a message, or maybe open the Spotlight search.

    The area dedicated to voice commands is available within the Voice Control menu described in the previous paragraphs. From here you have to choose a language among those available and subsequently tap on the item named Customize commands.

    iPhone organizes the possible available voice commands into specific groups: starting from basic navigationup to the dictation commands, those of selection and modification and the so-called advanced gestures.

    These categories allow the user to get an idea of ​​the vastness of options available and the corresponding phrases to pronounce. In some cases, iPhone proposes the exact phrase. In others, however, it proposes spaces in quotation marks, which must be filled with the number, object or app in question. In this sense the statement:


    It means that the user can set a voice command to activate any app saying the word “open” and adding the app name in question.

  • 3. How to unlock iPhone with voice

    The user can also create new voice commands, which automatically unlock actions not included in the catalog described in the previous paragraphs. To start this operation, you need to go back to the menu named Customize Commands and from here tap on entry named Create new command.

    A new window will open with spaces to fill in and choices to make. Here the user must first enter the sentence he will say and which must be recognized by the microphone to trigger the action.

    Then you have to select the type of action that will follow the voice recognition above. This action can be entered by text or can refer to a quick command: for example a shortcut to launch Shazam.

    Finally, by tapping on entry named Perform Custom Gesture you enter into the merits of the operations that allow you to unlock iPhone with voice. Here the user has to tap on the unlock pattern or password which he usually uses with the device.

    By tapping on the item named Salva you can replace the unlock pattern with a new voice input, which will be recognized even if the iPhone screen is not active.

  • 4. iPhone voice commands and security issues

    Resorting to voice commands to unlock the iPhone is likely to create quite a few security issues. The main problem is that the activation phrase may be spoken potentially by anyone: even from a person who finds the smartphone in his hand by pure chance, without knowing his passwords at all.

    One solution might be to think about such a complex or particular sentence that it cannot be replicated. But even this strategy has a rather obvious contraindication: the impossibility of uttering this phrase in public so as not to compromise it.

    Many users claim that using voice commands to unlock iPhone is a great solution in case you have thedirty hands. Also in this case, however, a rather obvious aspect is not taken into account, namely the hands they also remain dirty for all subsequent interactions.

    Add to this the fact that it is still possible enable Siri from the lock screen. This way you no longer need to touch your iPhone, but at the same time the presence of a password is not bypassed.

    Finally, several users argue that using voice commands to unlock iPhone solves some limitations manifested by Face ID recognition. However, many do not know that it is always possible to rescan your appearance, through a entry named Reset Face ID.

    It is also possible to tap on the name entry Sets an alternate appearance: A great way to ensure your iPhone is unlocked by other trusted people.

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