Unlock Windows faceThe fastest way to log into Windows 11 or Windows 10 without even typing a password or PIN on the keyboard is without a doubt face unlock, which now has a level of precision and security such that it can also replace the fingerprint reader (another unlocking tool widely used on modern PCs). In order to unlock Windows with your face, you need to use a special infrared webcam available by default on still a few laptops but can be integrated into any PC (desktop or notebook) by purchasing by connecting Windows Hello compatible webcams.In the guide that follows we will show you which webcams or notebooks we can buy to unlock windows with your face and log into the operating system in less than a second. To be able to proceed with unlocking via face, you need to set Windows to ensure recognize the face and associate it with a specific Microsoft account recorded on the computer; if we have multiple Microsoft accounts on the PC we can configure Windows Hello for each of them, so as to immediately open the right account as soon as we position ourselves in front of the screen.

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Face unlock compatible notebook and webcam

There are currently not many notebook models equipped with an integrated infrared webcam a fundamental requirement to be able to unlock Windows safely (without infrared the function will not be available).

One of the best laptops we can use to unlock Windows with the face is the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro sold for € 899.

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro

The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro boasts a webcam dedicated to Windows Hello with infrared sensors, accompanied by a first-level technical data sheet; on this laptop, we find in fact a 14-inch 2.2K display, AMD Ryzen 5 5600U processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of internal memory of type NVMe M.2, AMD Radeon Graphics graphics system, Wi-Fi 6 support, a weight 1.38 kg, 15.99 mm thick and Windows 11 operating system.

On any other PC (desktop or notebook) we can unlock Windows with the face using an infrared USB webcam such as the Kaysuda CA20 available at 70 €.

Kaysuda CA20

This webcam has an excellent infrared sensor and is perfectly compatible with Windows Hello, although as a normal webcam (for video calls or for Zoom) it does not offer a very powerful optical sensor.

If we want to combine Windows Hello with sublime video call quality we will have to focus on a very expensive webcam like the Logitech Webcam 4K Premium available at 139 €.

Logitech Webcam 4K

With this professional webcam we will have various infrared sensors for quick access via Windows, Hello but also a 13 MP optical sensor, support for 4K Ultra HD resolution at 30 PFS (alternatively 1080p at 30/60 FPS), technology background replacement, 5x digital zoom, RightLight 3 technology with HDR and built-in microphone.

Those looking for maximum privacy and want to take advantage of Windows Hello for signing in can also bet on a good compromise like the Lenovo 500 FHD available at 84 €.

Lenovo 500 FHD

This webcam is fully compatible with Windows Hello, provides a good quality FullHD sensor, integrates one flap to close the webcam, and does not have a microphone all choices are designed for those who fear for their privacy when using a webcam (obviously for live video and video calls we will have to use a separate microphone to make our voices heard).

Set up Windows Hello for face unlock

After choosing the compatible laptop or webcam we can unlock Windows with your face in a few simple steps. First of all, let’s make sure that you have performed the sign-in with a Microsoft account: this will allow you to make the most of Windows Hello, as well as guarantee a backup system to access the account in case of problems with facial recognition.

After adding the Microsoft account to Windows 11 we press the right button on the Start menu, select the menu Settings press on the menu Accountclick on the menu Access options press on the item Face recognition (Windows Hello), and finally on the key Sets up.

Viso Windows Hello

In the next window, we press the button Start we enter the previously configured Windows PIN or password (necessary as a security system) and we remain in the center of the indicated window so that the webcam and infrared sensors can record the details of our face.

At the end of the acquisition, we immediately press on Enhance recognition to make the acquisition of facial details even more accurate, then confirm where necessary to close the configuration window. From now on it is sufficient to position yourself in front of the infrared webcam to immediately access the Microsoft account where we registered our face.

On Windows 10 the procedure is very similar: let’s take the path Settings -> Accounts -> Login options we press on the item Windows Hello face and we follow the suggested indications to correctly start the acquisition of the data of our face.


Unlocking with the face is definitely the fastest way to start working on Windows right away without having to enter codes, PINs, or passwords; as for speed, he plays it with the fingerprint reader but has the advantage that we can immediately start our account and bring us to the desktop without pressing any other key than the power button.

On modern versions of Windows, face recognition is so safe from not being easily bypassed with a simple photo of our face: this is thanks to the use of the infrared webcam, which allows Windows to use a face recognition technology very similar to that seen on the iPhone (Face ID).

In case of breakage or problems with the infrared webcam, we do not take the risk of being left out of the account: we can in fact use as a backup the PIN or password of the Microsoft account for emergency access.

To learn more we can read our articles on how to unlock a phone with facial recognition on android or how to use a fingerprint reader on Windows.


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