How to unsubscribe from Facebook and delete the profile

Delete Facebook Although now, as I see it, Facebook is an extremely important tool for life on the internet and even if it is certainly possible to use Facebook in a very private way, those who just can't take it anymore or those who have enjoyed creating fake profiles may want to delete the account from Facebook permanently. Facebook is a website that, like many others, makes it very easy and immediate to sign up, but where it is more complicated to delete the account, at least if you want to do it permanently.
In this guide we see how to delete Facebook profile forever is what it means to delete the account for all the information published therein, comments, photos and status updates, as well as for the connected applications to which you have registered or accessed via Facebook account.

Before deleting the Facebook profile

Before deleting the Facebook account using the delete option, it is convenient to delete the most important information and connections with the various applications used. As already explained in a previous one guide to unsubscribe from Facebook, there are some preliminary steps that it is recommended to follow and that we are going to summarize:

  • Download all profile data and Facebook messages so you don't miss any photos you've been tagged in, memorable comments, or other important information. In fact, if you decide to delete your account forever, nothing is saved in Facebook than what concerns us, not even comments and likes.
  • Delete any photos and videos posted. The definitive closure of a Facebook account disconnects the user from the photos, it will no longer be possible to be tagged but the images that remain in the database can still be found, especially if they have not been published by us. I refer to another guide to know how to delete photos from facebook, delete albums and remove tags
  • Check the applications linked to the profile and, one by one, remove them. This prevents apps from storing our data. To find and delete all apps from your profile, you can go to this page.
  • Pay attention to Facebook pages and managed groups, which will not be deleted if we delete our account and will remain online without an administrator anymore. You will have to proceed with the deletion of the page or group before deleting the Facebook account or appointing another administrator besides us.
  • Remove the accesses made by other PCs or smartphones, by checking the Settings menu -> Security and access and clicking on Log out of all sessions (you may need to click on Other to see all logins).
  • From a smartphone or tablet we can also remove any apps or services connected to Facebook by opening the app, pressing on Settings, opening the menu Activity outside of Facebook, pressing on Unlink activities and finally selecting on Unlink activities.

Only after following these steps can we proceed with the cancellation of the Facebook account from the PC or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

How to unsubscribe from Facebook from PC

To permanently delete our Facebook account there's a quick link and quick to do this -> Delete Facebook account.
Delete account

Inside the page, all we have to do is click on the blue button Delete the account to start the irreversible cancellation and closure procedure. Obviously you need to open this page from your account, the one you want to delete, and repeat the password entry.

If we want to follow another slower procedure to delete Facebook, we open this page of the Facebook guide to read the account closure instructions. We find and click where it says "How do I permanently delete my account?", scroll down and press where it says"tell us".

How to delete Facebook account from smartphone or tablet

If you are using the Facebook app on Android devices or iPhone / iPad, to delete the account you need to open the app with our account already connected (the one to be deleted), press the top right on the menu with the three lines, open the menu Settings and privacy, press on Settings, scroll until you find the entry Account ownership and control, click on Deactivation and elimination, check the item Delete account and press down on Continue to delete the account.
Facebook app

We enter the password and follow the procedure indicated to confirm the deletion of our account.

After when is the account deleted?

Anyhow, the Facebook account is not immediately deleted from the internet. Facebook keeps it deactivated, therefore not visible to others, for 14 days, a period during which we can also rethink. In the 14 days it is therefore possible to reconsider and reactivate your account immediately, only by connecting to it. In practice, what has been done from the cancellation page is just a way to schedule the elimination of the account, which will only really happen if 14 days pass without accessing it anymore.

Furthermore, as the cancellation page also warns, the profile information, the photos published, the comments, other messages written on the pages and all the various updates, are made invisible in Facebook and permanently deleted only after a maximum period of time. 90 days.


If we no longer want to be followed on Facebook or we have focused on other more interesting social networks (for example TikTok), deleting the Facebook account is a simple procedure within everyone's reach: just a few clicks or taps on the screen are enough to be able to "disappear. "definitely from the blue social network.

In addition to complete deletion is always possible disable Facebook temporarily, which will be like deleting the account because no one will be able to see our profile anymore, but no data is deleted and you can always restore your account in the future: it can be a good compromise for those who do not want to delete all the photos, videos, stories and posts published but want to no longer be tracked on Facebook.


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