How to update AirPods firmware

The AirPods home Apple they are among the most popular earphones ever, especially for owners of a iPhone or any other device from the famous Apple.

Clearly, as always happens when we talk about earphones wireless This device also has firmware inside which, from time to time, must be updated to correct any problems and unlock new functions.

Doing so is quite simple and, in most cases, the procedure is fully automatic, however it may be necessary to manually intervene on the device and “force” the update. Let’s see how to do it.

What do you need to update your AirPods

Before proceeding with the manual update of your headphones, you need to check which software version is currently installed on yours AirPods.

To do this, just place the headphones on in the charging case, open the lid near your iPhone or iPad and go to the Settings.

Here you need to go to the tab General and then tap on Informationtaking care to scroll on the screen until you reach the AirPods connected to the device and select them.

In this new screen the user will be able to see, among other things, the installed firmware versionto find out if it is the latest update available, just go to Apple’s official website and check the latest releases published by the company and make a simple comparison.

How to manually update your AirPods

As mentioned at the beginning, generally Apple AirPods they provide in complete autonomy upon updating, so it is quite rare that the user has to force these operations.

When it happens, however, you must first remember that you have the charging case con at least 50% battery o connected to the electricity grid and then there is a need, obviously, to have one’s own device Apple to which the headphones are paired in the immediate vicinityit must also be charged and have a active internet connection.

When these requirements are met, if a new update is available the headphones will automatically download and install the new components.

When this does not happen, it is necessary to providemanual update and the user will have to proceed as follows.

First of all we must insert the earphones into the case charging e place them near an Apple device connected to your home WiFi network.

Then you have to open the lid, close the banner which indicates the battery status and wait a few minutes for the device to finish any installation procedures.

It is important to remember that no message will be displayed in this regard, however, just wait a few moments and go and check the firmware version as suggested in the previous paragraph, if this has changed the update has been successful, alternatively all you have to do is wait for the automatic update to arrive.

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