How to update the modem firmware to improve speed

In case of connection problems, we try to update the firmware of the network modem

Update modem The modem offers Internet connection for all devices on your network, performing its task quietly and effectively. Unfortunately, we only feel the presence of the modem when there is a problem with the connection, such as slow Internet or Wi-Fi that cannot reach all parts of the house.

Many users think that the only way to solve the problem is to buy a new modem; before making this expense let’s just take a few minutes of our time and check if it is possible install a modem firmware update.

In the following guide we will show you in detail how to update modem firmware, so that we can try to solve the Wi-Fi coverage problems and generally improve the speed and stability of our Internet connection.

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Like any other computer device, the modem has an operating system (called firmware) that can be updated if necessary with an improved version, capable of solving the problems you encountered in most cases.

If the official update is not enough, we can also proceed with theinstallation of a custom firmware, a kind of Android-style Custom ROM with which to unlock new modem functions and improve the speed of the Wi-Fi connection and Internet connection.

Update TIM Modem

If we use the modem offered on loan for use with TIM we can proceed with the firmware update by opening any web browser (from a device connected to Wi-Fi or via cable to the modem itself), typing in the address bar http: // modemtelecom, http://alicegate, O and typing in the modem login credentials (usually admin-admin, unless they have been changed at first boot or new ones are provided in the modem).

As soon as we get access to the modem configuration panel we press on the gear-shaped menu, we press on the item Gateway and we read the version currently installed, corresponding to the item Software Version.

If there is an update it will be proposed in this screen; if we do not see any update screen appear, we open the menu Assistance, let’s go to the section Internet, we choose to perform the diagnosis and indicate that we have navigation problems, so that we can proceed with the updates (if any).

Note that, if we have the new TIM HUB modem or one of the latest generation Fiber modems, it is not necessary to follow any procedure: the firmware update is managed remotely by TIM technicians, so we do not have to do anything to force it, since if it is released, it will be automatically installed at night.

Update Vodafone Modem

With Vodafone the situation is very similar to that seen previously with TIM’s latest generation modem: from Vodafone Station onwards there is no function to force the update, since all firmware releases are managed remotely.

If we have a Vodafone modem, all we have to do is leave it on at night, so that the Vodafone remote system provides for theautomatic update as soon as new firmware is released for the Vodafone Station (or later models).

Update WindTre Modem

WindTre provides a new modem for all its users, called WINDTRE modem. This modem supports automatic firmware updates, but we can also manually start the search for updates by opening any web browser, typing and, once inside the configuration panel, just expand the right side menu and take us on the path Maintenance -> Firmware update to start searching for new updates.

If there are updates, the system will start the download and ask us when to update; for convenience, we recommend that you always schedule it at night, as the Internet connection and Wi-Fi network will not be available during the process.

Update Fastweb Modem

Two different modem models are available for the Fastweb operator: the Fastgate and the Fastweb NeXXt, both equipped with a remote automatic updating system (the releases are automatically managed by Fastweb, which normally releases them at night).

If we are afraid that the firmware update has not been performed automatically, we can try to force it by opening a web browser (always from a PC connected to the modem) and typing, so you can enter the modem access credentials and access its configuration panel.

Once in the configuration panel, press on the menu Information and check if there is a button to update the firmware; if the update has already been carried out, it is advisable to press the button Restart in order to complete the procedure and benefit from the new firmware.

Update other Modem

Many users have chosen to use a third-party modem for Internet connection. In this scenario, we will almost certainly have a screen dedicated to finding and installing firmware updates, so that we can improve the speed of any modem without having to fiddle too much.

If we use any model of Fritz! Box as a home modem we can proceed with the update by opening a web browser on a PC connected to it and typing in the address bar In the welcome screen we enter the login credentials, we await the appearance of the configuration panel so let’s take the path System -> Update, so you can press the key Search for a new FRITZ! OS.

If instead we have chosen a TP-Link modem as a home modem we can update the firmware by opening a web browser from a PC connected to it, typing in the address bar and entering the login credentials. Once inside the system we press up on the menu Advanced, we open the System Tools menu then we open the menu Firmware update, so you can press the button Check to update.

How to install custom firmware

If our router does not have firmware updates or the present one is not up to the situation, we can try the route of alternative firmware, developed on free source code and installable following a specific procedure. The best firmware we can try are:

  • DD-WRT
  • OpenWrt
  • AdvancedTomato

If our modem is present in the list of models supported by these systems, we follow the precise procedure described on the page, so that we can benefit from new functions and increased Wi-Fi coverage. On this topic we have also written a guide for install DD-WRT as router firmware.


If our modem is having a tantrum or not doing well, we can always try the firmware update route, even if now all the modems on the market have an automatic update system that allows the operator himself to proceed with the updates as soon as they are released. If we have third-party modems we can search for the update manually and (if present) install it immediately, so as to immediately check if there are any improvements.

If we do not know which modem to use for the optical fiber, we have deepened the discreet talking about the best routers for fiber e how to use the FRITZ! Box modem on an FTTH fiber optic network.

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