Hub files To share files between multiple different devices (smartphone, tablet, PC etc.) we are used to using a hard disk connected to the modem (visible as a network drive) or a device used for this task (a PC with shared folders or a NAS ). But if we are traveling or away from home, how can we share and transfer files between our devices (smartphones, PCs and tablets) without going through the hotel’s Wi-Fi hotspots or wireless network?
To exchange and share files in complete safety, you can use a portable HUB file, which can function as a battery-powered Wi-Fi router and external memory simultaneously.
In this guide we will show you i best portable HUB files that we can buy online, how to use them and how to best configure them to be able to share the most important files on the move, without having to wait to go home.

Portable HUB files

If we have not seen a File HUB in action before, below we will find a detailed description of the device and a series of products that we can consider for the purchase.

What is a Portable HUB File

A portable File HUB looks like an external hard disk (the dimensions are similar) able to offer a true control center for sharing files: we can connect any USB stick, any type of memory card or USB hard disk to it and automatically share the content in the Wi-Fi hotpost network created by the device, to which we can connect any PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet.
HUB file

By taking advantage of network shares we will then be able to “see” all connected devicesthus managing to move our files from one device to another quickly and quickly. There is also a button on many models automatic backup, so that you can save the contents of a memory card to a disk or a USB flash drive, without using the computer’s file manager.
In addition to these features, the HUB files can become real ones travel router: thanks to the Ethernet socket we can connect the device to the LAN of the hotel or the place where we are and create our personal Wi-Fi network to access the Internet, much more secure than public networks.
Portable router

Thanks to the internal battery it can work far from the power outlet and, if necessary, it can also function as a power bank for our mobile devices.
In summary, therefore, we can consider the File HUB as a “fusion” between a portable travel router, an access point, a backup system and a power bank.

Best Portable HUB Files

After seeing the characteristics of the File HUB, in this chapter we will show you the best File HUB that we can buy online, so that we can save something on the final price.

The RAVPower FileHub (€ 59) is undoubtedly one of the best File Hubs that we can view at the moment.

It brings together all the features of the HUB files, provides good autonomy and also allows you to recharge the devices connected to it, so as to increase the autonomy of smartphones and tablets when we are traveling.

The Kingston Technology MobileLite Wireless G3 (40 €) is another valid Travel File HUB with a compact and easily transportable design.

With it we can transform a wired network into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, exchange files between various wireless devices, backup to USB stick or external disk, connect memory cards and recharge mobile devices via powebank features ( 5,400 mAh capacity).

The RAVPower USB Filehub Charger (36 €) is a very special File HUB, since it was born as a desktop charger with numerous USB charging sockets.
RAVPower charger

This File HUB does not have a Wi-Fi hotpot network, but allows you to automatically backup the data on your smartphone to a USB stick or an external USB disk during charging: all we have to do is connect the charging cable to one of the sockets (QuickCharge 3.0 quick charge is also available), connect a storage device to the specific USB port, start the dedicated app and choose what to save. Of course, we can also schedule backups, so that every connected device will benefit from saving data in real time.

As a high-level alternative to File HUB we can view the WD 500GB My Passport Wireless SSD (€ 329).
My Passport Wireless

This external SSD behaves exactly like a File HUB, providing a Wi-Fi network to which you can connect any wireless device to post and transfer files, a USB port to connect other disks, smartphones and tablets, a card slot memory (complete with automatic content copy) and powerbank functionality.
Compared to the models seen so far this device has a dedicated storage space, where we can save all our files before transferring them from one device to another, not surprisingly they are also called “wireless external disks”.


If we travel a lot and need to move files quickly from one device to another, without necessarily having to turn on a computer, the File HUB are for us, managing to enclose in a small space all the most useful features when we are away from home : Wi-Fi hotspot, portable router, multimedia server, data server and automatic backup system.

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