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Although we find many programs for editing videos on Windows, historical PC users have never forgotten Windows Movie Maker, the most used video editing program, even if it has not been supported and updated for years now (however, we can always download it and try it).

Microsoft tried to replace Movie Maker with built-in tools and other similar programs, but none were as good as Movie Maker; the situation may have finally changed, given that Microsoft has decided to integrate, in all PCs with Windows 11, the Clipchamp video editing programamong the best in its category and true heir of Windows Movie Maker.

In the guide that follows we will show you all the main functions of Microsoft Clipchampso you can start getting familiar with the new editor and immediately create new videos to share on social networks, chats, Twitch, YouTube or any other site we work on.

Clipchamp is integrated into Windows 11 (also works in Windows 10), then just search for it in the Start menu; if we do not find it installed on the PC let’s update windows 11 or we download the application directly from Microsoft Store.

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1) Use pre-made templates for new videos

Clipchamp projects

One of the most interesting features of Clipchamp is the presence of video templateswhich allow you to create a new video based on our needs and the platform on which we want to share the created video later.

After opening the app, all we have to do is press on one of the models in the section Get inspired by a model; alternatively we can find the collection of all video models by pressing on the left side of the menu Models.

Choosing a model will greatly facilitate the creation of our video: if we choose for example YouTube the video will be adapted to be shared on the popular sharing platform, as well as you can quickly create slideshow (films with static photos that scroll), video game gameplay videos e videos for events and holidays.

There is no shortage of templates to create videos for Instagram and for TikTokso that we can adapt each video in our possession to the most used social networks at the moment.

2) Trim and merge videos

Split video

Video editors are often used to cut parts of videos, to remove unwanted parts or to merge multiple video fragments into one.

To cut and join videos in Clipchamp, all we have to do is open the application on Windows, press on Create a new videopress on Import media items and select the videos we want to edit from the Windows file manager.

After loading the multimedia elements, hold the mouse down on the video and drag it to the lower right part of the app (where it says Drag media here), so as to add the video to the project timeline.

Now that the video is added to the project timeline, go to the precise point where we want to make the cut and press the button at the top to share (in the shape of scissors) or press the S key to make the cut.

The video will be cut: to delete the cut part, simply select the part of the clip to remove and press the button Remove (we can also press the DEL or DEL key on the keyboard to get the same effect).

Merging videos is just as simple: all we have to do is add the videos to be merged on the same timeline, match their edges perfectly and press the top Export to create a single video.

3) Put music to a video

Video music

Another function very popular with video editors on PC is the possibility of add music and sound effects to our videoseven more if they are to be shared on TikTok or on Instagram.

To add music to our video with Clipchamp we open the app on Windows, press on Create a new videoload the multimedia elements, drag them to the timeline and finally press on the field Add sound (present immediately below the timeline of the video we added).

A page will open with various audio effects to add to the video: to proceed, all we have to do is choose the desired effect or music and press on Add to timeline.

If we want to add our own music to the video, let’s go back to the menu Your mediawe press on Import media itemswe choose a song in MP3 format (or other audio formats) and, after loading, drag the song to the Add audio bar of the timeline.

To remove the audio from the video, all we have to do is press on the clip on the timeline, click on the top right Audio and mute the volume; we can also use the key Unplug audio to separate the video from the audio, delete the disconnected audio track and add musical effects or one of our own songs.

On this topic we can also read our guide to sites for downloading free music, free to listen even in clubs and parties.

4) Put transitions and text to a video


Adding transition effects and text to a video is very easy on Clipchamp. To proceed with the transition effects, all we have to do is add more videos to the timeline (or cut the single video to generate more clips), position the mouse in the space between the two videos and, as soon as the + key appears, press on Add transition.

A new section will open on the right side where you can choose the transition effect to use for the transition between the two clips, also choosing the duration of the effect. Other transitions to add to the video can be viewed by pressing the button Transitions present on the left side.

If, on the other hand, we want to add text between the videos (to create a title for the chapter of the clip) we press on the left side of the menu Textchoose the preferred model among those present, drag it to the timeline and position it at the beginning of the video, using the bar Add text present above the timeline; in this way you will be able to place text between two trimmed clipsbetween two joined videos or at the end of the video.

After adding the text, a new menu will open on the right where you can choose the text to add and the font to use for the chosen effect.

5) How to record video on Clipchamp

Record videos

In order to take full advantage of the legacy of Windows Movie Maker Clipchamp integrates great features to record new videos using the webcam, a professional video camera connected to the PC or directly recording the PC screenso you can quickly create video tutorials.

To record video with Clipchamp we open the program, press on Record somethingwe choose the video source among those on the left side (for example Screen), we provide all the necessary permissions for the app, press the button at the bottom left register (red circle), choose what to record on the screen (a window, a tab or the whole screen), choose whether to add system audio and finally press on Share to start the actual recording.

At the end of the registration, press on the button Stop at the bottom left, we check the preview of the recorded video and, if we like the video, press on Save and edit to open it in the Clipchamp editor.

The video will be automatically added to the project timeline, so you can cut, edit and add sound effects or music; to immediately make other recordings (to add to the initial recording) we can use the menu Register and create top left.

For lovers of video games or video demonstrations with user interaction, it is possible to record both the program window and our webcam using the function Screen and webcamselecting the app window to record, placing the pop-up of the recording coming from the webcam and providing permissions to access our webcam.

At the end of the recording we will have a video of the chosen window and, in the preferred corner of the screen, the pop-up window with our face.

On this subject we can read our guide on how to record desktop and game streaming on pc.


After trying it for many games we can state that Clipchamp is clearly superior to Windows Movie Maker and any other video editing program available for Windows. The program is very simple to use, provides all the tools needed to edit, create and export videos, has no advertising messages and works well on any PC.

If Clipchamp does not convince you and we want to try other valid programs, we suggest you read our guides to online video editing sites and to edit videos with remixes and special effects and you have programs to edit MP4, MKV and AVI videos.

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