Let’s see together how to try and use the Midjourney app on Discord, the best AI image generator starting from a simple text.

Midjourney Discord

AI art generators are now an increasingly popular tool for create new images to share on social networks, to insert in articles or to use to free one’s imaginationexploiting all the power of modern artificial intelligence to draw what we think and write in the form of text.

A very powerful new tool for generating art from text is Midjourneya special Discord bot that can create photorealistic images from any text input, with results that are sometimes so spectacular that it’s hard to believe they were created by an AI.

In the following guide we will show you how to use Midjourney to generate art from text with AIshowing you how to download Discord, how to add the bot and how to launch your requests to the bot, choosing the necessary settings to get a very beautiful and realistic image.

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1) Install Discord and Midjourney

Add Midjourney

In order to use Midjourney you must first download Discordthe famous program for communicating with friends, also equipped with bots that can be integrated as servers in public or private chats.

Installing it is really very simple: after having finished downloading the installer, double-click on it, confirm where necessary and, on first launch, immediately create a Discord account to use all its functions (we can use both an e-mail address is a phone number).

Now that we have gained access to the Discord home screen, press the button on the left side Explore public serverslet’s try Midjourney in the search field, click on the Midjourney server and press on at the top Unisciti’s Midjourney to access all channels on the server.

The Midjourney server will appear in the left sidebar, ready to be used to create images and text art.

After adding Midjourney to our Discord server we can also use it from mobileby downloading the Discord app for Android and for iPhone/iPadso you can generate AI images from text even on the go.

2) How to generate image or art from text

Midjourney images

Once we have accessed the Midjourney server, we can immediately try to generate a free image by opening one of the channels newbies present within the server, from where it is possible to start writing the text of what you want to be converted from text to image.

To generate a test image we type /imagine in the text field to start the AI image generator and we write (in English) the text we want to be converted into a generated image, trying to insert as many details as possible for the image.

In seconds we will get 4 pictures based on the request you madeall with very realistic details (although a lot depends on how precise we are in the command we give to the channel).

3) Add Midjourney as a Discord server bot

But Midjourney

To add the Midjourney bot to our private server, all we have to do is create our own private server (by pressing the + button on the side of the Discord app), choosing the type of server to create and the name with which it will be displayed.

After starting our personal Discord server, let’s go back to the Midjourney server, press up on Show member listclick on Midjourney Botwe press on the key Add to serverchoose the personal server we just created, click on Authorize in the permissions screen and add it.

With this change we can avoid using the public channels of Midjourney, since the AI ‚Äč‚Äčimage generator bot will also respond within our private server using the command /imagine seen previously.

4) Midjourney graphics settings

Midjourney settings

By typing the command /settings we can access the Midjourney settingsso you can choose which graphics engine to use to generate the images (Currently the best is MJ Version 5), choose the final quality of the image, adjust the style of the images and choose in which mode to start it.

The basic settings are already very good, but if we are looking for truly photorealistic images we will have to use a very precise command and set MJ Version 5 e High Quality.

5) Midjourney limits and costs

Midjourney Subscription

Midjourney provides 25 free images to generate as soon as we add the server; given the great success of this generator lately no free trial is offered anymore and it is necessary immediately to pay an annual or monthly subscription in order to be able to generate the best AI images on the web.

To proceed, we can also sign up for a monthly subscription by opening any web browser on the PC (Chrome is fine, but we can also use Edge), go to the site Midjourney Accountpress on Sign inassociate the Discord account for quick access and, once in the Midjourney account management window, go to the menu Manage Sub and choose the best subscription for our needs.

The system supports the credit cards as a payment method (PayPal is not present); if we have any doubts we can always use a prepaid card or a virtual card for the purchase, as seen in our guide to best prepaid cards to buy online without risk.


Midjourney is the best image and text art generator out there todayalso thanks to the technology behind the project: they use several GPUs in parallel to create very beautiful, realistic and ready-to-use images, with minimal signs attributable to the work of an AI (in fact they look like real photos or real drawings made hand).

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