How to use Obsidian, the notes and notes app

Taking notes and notes helps you achieve better organization of your day, your work and your study. There are several on the web tools and solutions that allow you to note everything you need not on sheets of paper, notebooks and diaries, but on your devices. Among the most appreciated, complete and functional ones is Obsidian.

It’s about a writing instrument simple to use, which has numerous features and is within everyone’s reach. It is the ideal choice for students, for professionals in every sector and for those who want to get the most out of their daily life without forgetting appointments, details and other elements that could escape memory. All directly on your smartphone or computer.

Let’s find out how to access Obsidian, the features it offers and how to get the most out of it from this precious organizational tool.

  • 1. What is Obsidian and how to download it

    Obsidian is a flexible writing application, that adapts to the needs of each user. It is used for taking notes, organizing your knowledge and notes. These can be linked together to be sure of Don’t forget anything during your activitiesboth professional and personal.

    What makes Obsidian interesting is its compatibility with a large number of devices. A feature that makes it potentially perfect for all web users, regardless of the device they use to connect to the internet.

    The notes made they can also be viewed offline. The level of security is important: the clipboard is protected by end-to-end encryption. Only the user who created them can access them. Application managers cannot view created content.

    The interface is customizable, thanks to the presence of hundreds of plugins and themes. The user can thus adapt the application to his way of thinking. All the contents created can be synchronized on the desired devices and, at any time, it is possible to view the version history in order to keep all changes under control.

    The application can be downloaded and used on iOS and Android devices, on Windows, on Mac and on Linux. To download and install, simply connect to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store or to the official application website.

  • 2. How to use Obsidian for free and how to get additional features

    Obsidian is free to use for personal use. There are no time limits and it allows access to all features. This version of the application does not require account creation or registration, allows access to different themes and plugins and offers the opportunity to interact with the community and receive advice to get the most out of the service.

    If you want use Obsidian for commercial purposesyou can opt for a subscription to the plan Commercial use, which costs $50 per year for each user. In this case you can have access to rapid and priority support. Before signing up for the subscription and paying the required fee, you can take advantage of them 14 day free trial.

    To enjoy additional features, improve and personalize your experience with Obsidian you can subscribe to plans that allow you to use add-ons, such as syncing notes across multiple devices, end-to-end encryption, version history, priority support, publishing notes to the web, charts and more. The price varies based on what you need.

  • 3. Obsidian’s coolest features

    Once you download the app and log in, you can start experimenting and learning the most interesting features of the application. Yes they can create new notes whenever desired and intervene to modify them when the need arises. To avoid confusion, this is possible organize them into folderssort them by name, modification date and creation date.

    Folders and notes are shown in a sidebar and this facilitates the user’s work, who can move from one content to another in a simple click.

    Various formatting choices. You can insert bold, italics, strikethroughs, highlights, lines of code and mathematical formulas. And more: numbered and bulleted lists, list of tasks, styles and headings, quotes, tables, horizontal bars and other elements. AND There is a character and word counter.

    Obsidian allows the creating a whiteboard which allows you to keep all your work under control in a single screen. In the space provided it is possible to add annotations, notes created in the past or multimedia files.

    All notes are saved as text files. This is a very important element, since the user has his contents available at all times and can use them as he prefers. It can access them from other devices, perform backups, save them on external storage systems and much more. If you open them in other applications, your notes retain their formatting.

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