How Pinterest works, the photographic social network that allows you to save and share links, images and photos from the web.

Pinterest guideWhen we look for images on the web we often find a site called Pinterest which at first glance does not tell us anything but, if we look carefully, it could turn out to be a practically inexhaustible source of images and inspiration for new photos to take, also given the presence of famous international photographers. This kind of photographic social network has grown a lot in recent years and, with due attention, allows you to make yourself known and expand your network of knowledge through a simple pin, that is a check applied to a specific photograph or to a specific collection of photos.The beauty of Pintereset is not only the ability to share images and links on your public bulletin board, but also the ability to do visual research and follow trends from artists, photographers and meme creators.

If we have never used this site before, you are in the right place: we will show you below how to use Pinterest, the real social for sharing images that allows you to access images shared by other users and to share your images in a very large community.

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What is Pinterest for?

Pinterest can be considered a visual content aggregator, more than a real social network, even if all the profiles on it can interact with each other as they normally do on any social network. To get started, you always need to get a user account: without an account we will only have access to a few images, so we might as well sign up now to access all the features.

Sign up on Pinterest

Once the home page is open, press Register at the top right and then enter a valid email address, password and age to immediately create an account; alternatively we can log in even faster using a Google account or a Facebook account already configured, by pressing the buttons Continue like Facebook O Continue with Google.

How do you use Pinterest

After registering we will immediately have access to all the contents of Pinterest! The starting point is undoubtedly there upper search bar, which allows you to search for images and photos of any kind or genre; on first start the site also asks you to choose which ones they are the categories we like best, so that we can customize the feed according to our tastes.

feed Pinterest

If we want to upload a photo to Pinterest, all we have to do is press the + button on the right side, click on Create a Pin then drag the photo or image to upload into the appropriate box, add a title of your choice, indicate the subject of the pin (important for indexing), add any destination link (very useful for earning, as we will see in the chapter dedicated) and finally press the button Save to save it on our wall. To always access our dashboard just press the icon of our profile at the top right, so you can always see the shared contents.

How to use Pinterest’s Pins, Follows and Boards

The most useful tools on Pinterest are the Pin and the Follow, which can be used both for the content we upload personally and for “follow” the contents advertised by other users of the site. To use the pin correctly we open the search bar at the top and look for anything we like; once found we open the image and press the button Save to add this Pin to our wall (or Board).

Pin Pinterest

If those who share these photos often publish Pins that we like, we can also press on the name that appears at the bottom right of the image and, once the user’s Board is open, see his other photos and start following him by pressing the button follow. Once you have created your own social network of images, we will see more and more content of our interest appear on the home page and we will also be able to follow us with the constant addition of new Pins.

The trick to being successful on Pinterest is all here: we must always share new images (possibly at high quality), follow the users we like or who often share very beautiful photos and press the button often Save, so as to increase the value of our showcase.

Use Pinterest on smartphones and tablets

To use Pinterest on smartphones and tablets we will not have to rely on the web browser: the contents are not fully viewable without the specific app; we will then have to download the Pinterest app on our devices, available for free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

Pinterest mobile

We install the app on the phone or tablet and immediately log in with the account we already have, so that we can upload Pins directly from photos taken with the camera or immediately share a beautiful photo that we own (it is not worth sharing photos taken by others or found on the Internet!). To take beautiful photos to share on Pinterest we can also read our guide How to take better and non-blurry photos with your smartphone.

How to make money with Pinterest

Using Pinterest is really very simple but now comes one of the questions that often haunts new users when it comes to new social networks: can I earn something with Pinterest? Absolutely yes! As seen in the previous chapters, we can also add links to individual Pins and, if we use the tools offered well and know how to expand our circle of friends, more and more people will look forward to our Pins and they will often open the sponsored links we have packaged for them.

At the beginning the earnings will not be very high but, if we know how to play our cards well, we can also turn it into a real job, it will be enough to add many Pins with commercial or sponsored links daily and let us follow by many people. Users who offer the most contribution on Pinterest will also be more prominent in site searches, greatly speeding up the increase in earnings. To understand which tools to use to make money with Pinterest, we invite you to read our guide How to make money with a blog and turn it into a job.


Pinterest was born as a social site for high quality images e, which started out as a niche service for a few enthusiasts, is quickly became a real point of reference for those looking for photos on which to be inspired, to those looking for beautiful photos with links to the products displayed and, also thanks to the integrated chat, it also offers a strong social component (since we have to expand our network of acquaintances and add various Pins to grow the profile). With Pinterest we can also make money, but it is better to start unpretentious and use it constantly for at least a year before throwing in promotional links.

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