Samsung devices can communicate with each other and exchange information, login data, multimedia content and much more.

Samsung ecosystem features

Samsung provides all its devices (mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, smartwatches and notebooks) with a series of unique functions, thus recreating a true Samsung ecosystem capable of contrasting the ecosystem developed by Apple for all its devices.

Since interconnection between devices is a very important feature for modern devices, we will show you in the following guide how to use features shared between all Samsung devices and external devices (such as Smart TV and PC), so you can only use the apps or functions of the Samsung ecosystem from time to time, without downloading third-party apps.

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1) Sharing files across multiple devices

The function is present on all Samsung devices Quick Sharewhich allows you to quickly share files between all the Samsung devices connected to our account and (with the right permissions) with the Samsung devices of our friends or relatives nearby.

to use Quick Share all we have to do is open the file to share or view it in a file manager, press the button Sharepress on Quick Share and select the Samsung device from those in the list.

Alternatively we can also share the file with any device nearby or create a sharing link, excellent for sending the file via email, social message or chat message (on Telegram or WhatsApp).

The settings for this feature are available in the path Settings -> Connected devices -> Quick Share.

2) Samsung tablet as a second screen

Those who own a Samsung tablet can use it as a second screen for their PC by ensuring that both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and taking us on the journey Settings > Connected devices > Second screen.

If there is a compatible device on the network, it will appear in the settings list, ready to make the connection. Alternatively we can also activate the function and take advantage of the settings for the Windows second screen to change the orientation, the presence of the taskbar or choose whether to make it work as a second screen or as an extension of the primary screen.

3) Integration Connecting to your phone with Samsung

Thanks to the app Connection to the telephone of Windows 11 or Windows 10 we can access the apps on the Samsung device also from a PC, without having to unlock the phone screen and without touching it.

To proceed we open the app Connection to the telephone from the Start menu, press on Android and follow the instructions on the screen to make the connection (we will also have to install the app Connection to Windows).

By following all the steps we will have access to many functions of the Samsung phone or tablet, including a section dedicated to the apps on the device but also to the browser favorites.

Activating mobile hotspot from your PC

Samsung devices allow you to remotely activate the phone’s hotspot using the Connect to the phone function (seen in the previous chapter), without having to first open the menu from the device and proceed with manual activation (which is however a tedious step).

As soon as we notice that the fixed Internet connection is not working well, click on the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom rightselect the name of the Samsung phone or tablet and press on Connect to start the phone’s hotspot, connect the PC to the hotspot network and thus use the data network connection to surf the Internet and continue working or studying.

On the hotspot we can read our guide on how to activate Hotspot on Android.

Calls, messages and notifications on PC

Again with the Connect to phone function we can receive calls, messages and notifications from all the apps on a Samsung phone on the PC, using optimizations not present on phones from other manufacturers.

To immediately access this content, open the Phone Connection app on your computer, select the connected Samsung phone and use one of the menus at the top to immediately read the SMS messages, see the calls received and use the apps.

On the same topic we can read the articles on how call from PC via smartphone with the Phone Link app come on how to read and send SMS from Windows with “Link to phone”.

Access photos from your phone on your PC

The most useful feature of Link to Phone is accessing the memory and photos saved on our Samsung device. Without using the cloud or a USB cable we can view the shots, photos and images exchanged in chats or on social media by opening the app on our phone and clicking on the section Photo.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to download photos from android to pc.

4) Video streaming to Samsung Smart TV with Smart View

All Samsung phones and tablets come with Smart View for sharing streaming videos on devices locally; this technology it is based on Miracast and is compatible with all Smart TVs, but works particularly precisely only on Samsung Smart TVs.

In all cases it is possible to quickly share any video transmitted from an app or visible on the browser by pressing on the app Cast and choosing the Samsung Smart TV; alternatively we can cast the entire screen of your Samsung phone or tablet using Miracast as described in our guide on how to project your smartphone screen onto TV.


Samsungs remain the best phones with Android operating systems to focus on, also thanks to numerous exclusive functions present on all devices; these functions are designed to make life easier, to quickly share files and content between different devices (including PCs) and avoid the use of third-party apps (which we often know nothing about or are full of advertising).

For further information we can read our guides best apps for Samsung Galaxy and you have best Samsung Galaxy S, A, M and Z series smartphones.


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