How to use Teamviewer: remote control, assistance and videoconferencing

TeamViewer guide TeamViewer is the most powerful and the best of the remote desktop programs which allows you to connect, remotely and via the internet, to other PCs like the one at home, the one in the office or that of a friend or relative. With this software, users can access their home computer while sitting anywhere else. TeamViewer is useful not only, therefore, to access our PC when we are out and about (even from the phone), but also if you have a friend or relative who often calls to ask how to do something, you can invite him to install a remote assistance program so as to avoid long and difficult oral explanations, working in real time and directly on his computer, to teach him to do something or solve problems. It also has the function of videoconferencing, to share your screen, talk and see yourself on webcam with other people, all for free.In this guide we are going to find out why TeamViewer is considered the best of the remote access programs and the tricks to exploit even its most hidden functions, so as to be able to assist distant friends and relatives or control their devices remotely.

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Download and install TeamViewer

TeamViewer is so popular because it can be installed on virtually any operating system. Starting from the official website you can download TeamViewer and install it su PC Windows, Mac, Linux, PC, iPhone, iPad, Chrome OS, smartphone e tablet Android e Windows 10. The same program can be used both as a “controller” and as a “controlled”: both functions have been integrated into the same interface, so as to simplify the remote control of computers or any other device as much as possible.

If we do not want to use any registration, just retrieve the unique code and the password generated by the interface and use it on the other TeamViewer, so as to be able to remotely control any device; to share connection data we can use Telegram (even better in secret chat) or one of the other secure apps like Signal.

Use TeamViewer with the registered account

To use TeamViewer fully it is useful to log in with your free account, so as to keep all the controlled PCs in memory without having to configure them several times and without sharing codes and passwords every time (the latter change so we cannot keep them). Unattended remote control it is the right solution for those who have many devices to control remotely.

To proceed, simply log in with the account on all devices and associate it for unattended access. Once the configuration is complete, access TeamViewer from our PC or smartphone, press in the area Contacts and scroll into the list of available devices, so you can access it without having to type any password and without having to keep the codes.

Obviously in order to appear in the list the device to be controlled must be switched on and connected to the Internet, TeamViewer will take care of the rest (which is programmed to boot together with the operating system once unattended access is configured).

Other useful functions of TeamViewer

In addition to offering remote control of TeamViewer devices, it can also be used for the file transfer, which can also be done during a remote desktop session, in drag and drop mode, so that no intervention is required on the controlled PC. File transfer is fast up to up to 200MB / s.

Another interesting function is the screen recording: in each control session we can proceed with recording by pressing the REC button at the top. This is especially useful when assisting someone, so that they can review the operation done on their computer to be able to repeat it later. To view the recordings you can press on the menu Extra. Session recording can also be automatic by activating the option in the menu Extras -> Options> Remote Control> Record Automatically.

Another useful additional feature of TeamViewer is the chat, which allows you to stay in touch with a person if you are giving them support or if they are helping us work on our computer. The chat can be textual or it can be one traditional call or video call, so as to stay in touch during assistance or provide explanations on the steps to be taken while operating on the PC remotely.

In addition to remote control and file transfer, TeamViewer also offers functions Meeting e Presentation, in order to be able to transmit what you see on your PC to an audience of spectators, live, and also to start a real videoconference between several people with webcam and microphone. The TeamViewer videoconference it is very similar to that of Skype, with the ability to invite participants and share windows, programs or the full screen of the PC. To participate in meetings from a smartphone, you need to install a different app, TeamViewer for meetings, for iPhone and for Android.
TeamViewer functions

Below we find a list of the other extra and hidden functions of TeamViewer, so that you can immediately test the goodness of this remote control solution compared to the competition:

  • Turn on a PC with the function Wake on LAN
  • Remotely shut down and restart a computer
  • Create a VPN connection between two computers to make it more secure (in advanced options) which becomes useful for exchanging files and printers with Windows sharing, without using other external software
  • Log on to managed computers with your account too dal browser web, from the TeamViewer site
  • Use the blackboard to virtually draw on the desktop so you can highlight important parts or explain any presentations
  • Connect simultaneously to multiple computers
  • From the menu Connection at the top of the main screen you can invite someone to connect to our PC e set automatic login, so you don’t always have to confirm the incoming connection

Many functions are accessible with the free account, while for the others it is necessary to subscribe to a corporate subscription or the TeamViewer single-user subscription, as also seen on the official page.


TeamViewer still remains the best program to remotely control PCs and other devices, as it truly offers a ton of built-in functions that go far beyond remote control. The alternative a TeamViewer there is no shortage (just think of Chrome Remote Desktop), but none reaches the quality offered by the most used and known product in the world.

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