Anonymous telegram Messaging services such as Telegram need a phone number to be able to uniquely associate the messages we receive to our account and to allow other users to find us quickly, thanks to the association of phone numbers made by the app instantly in which we provide permission to access the phone book.
But if we want to use Telegram without being discovered we will not have to provide our personal phone number, but find some valid alternatives to use Telegram without number.
Let's see in this guide how to meet this particular privacy need, showing you all the methods for use Telegram without having to provide your personal phone number, effectively becoming completely anonymous.

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How to use Telegram in secret without number

At the time of writing, it is not possible to use Telegram without an active SIM and its associated telephone number, since the account creation and synchronization procedure is based on the telephone number provided; but nothing prevents us from entering another phone number to register! Since we will have to confirm the security code that will be sent to us via SMS, we will show you in this guide what are the alternatives to register on Telegram incognito, without giving any true reference of our identity.

Using Telegram with another SIM

If we insert a SIM different from ours before starting the Telegram app, we can use it to register our account and use it separately from our "official" SIM.
SIM Telegram

Nowadays we can get a new SIM very quickly, by choosing a card from an economic virtual operator such as Iliad, Ho., Fastweb or by using one of the SIM data reserved for surveillance systems and smart devices, such as those seen in our guide Data SIM with internet only for cars, alarms, tablets and smart devices.

Once the new SIM is obtained, we turn off the phone, remove our official SIM, insert the new one in the appropriate slot, turn the phone back on, uninstall the Telegram app (if we had it already installed), reinstall it and make sure to use the new one. number as a reference for the Telegram account.
Telegram account

We await the receipt of the SMS with the confirmation code, so that we can use Telegram without a personal number, in complete anonymity!

NOTE: we avoid giving Telegram permission to access the contacts directory, or we run the risk of seeing our old contacts appear in the app but with our new phone number.

Use Telegram with a temporary number

A valid alternative to the new SIM for Telegram are websites that provide provisional telephone numbers, where we can also receive confirmation SMS (essential to activate Telegram). Among the best services of the genre we find Free Online Phone, usable for free without limits.
Free Online Phone

This site generates random phone numbers each time the page is reloaded, so you can always use the service to create an infinite number of Telegram accounts! Once you have chosen the telephone number to use, press the Read SMS button to associate it with our browser and, without exiting it, enter the number on Telegram when requested; we await the receipt of the SMS and enter the verification code received on the site, so that we can create a disposable Telegram account!
By closing the page we will lose the association with our phone, but this is not a drama: when we want to change accounts we will not have to do is uninstall the Telegram app, reinstall it and repeat the process as seen above.

Other services similar to the one seen above can be viewed in our guide Receive SMS without giving your phone number.

Using Telegram on a Dual SIM phone

Another effective solution to use Telegram without a number involves the use of a new SIM, to be inserted in the second SIM slot of our Android phone equipped with a double dedicated slot.
Dual SIM

By doing this we will get a phone capable of manage two Telegram accounts at the same time, taking advantage of the integrated systems to clone the apps or one of the apps seen in the guide Using two accounts together on Android.

Once the two SIMs have been inserted into the phone, let's start it, clone the Telegram app and make sure to reserve one of the two clones for the new SIM: we will be able to complete the registration without problems, obtaining the confirmation SMS from the second SIM connected to the phone. From this moment on we will receive notifications from both Telegram accounts, so that we can manage a dual identity or separate the number intended for work from the number intended for family or friends.


Using Telegram in a completely anonymous way without providing our personal number is feasible and the procedures that we have shown you to confirm this operation are within everyone's reach, even for novice users or users who have never used Telegram before.
Using Telegram without providing your personal number can also be very useful for separating the numbers we use for work from personal numbers: we will only have to pay attention to the permissions of the app, which will only have to read the address book assigned to the SIM used to that specific account.

If we want to hide our activity with the anonymous Telegram account even better, we recommend that you read the suggestions proposed in the guides How to hide photos, videos and apps on Android is App to block the opening of applications on Android.


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